Sunday, May 27, 2012

Nature Talks blog problemes

Posting of the "Blue Bird investigation" has errors I am not able to correct.
The VAUMAU blog never gives me any such miseries
I will try to link for all the time and post Vaumau. Thanks.

Blue Bird Investigate

we see immense amount wild flowers. It shows that those people who live there appreciate the Earth beauties  of untouched Nature! A gift on Earth  and not to cut it like in many countries do it

May be this here is a Buttercup?
Investigation takes  many ways of finding the only one truth

At Nature Talks blog  we trying to find the proper words to express the appreciation we feel at the Editors desk
To let Argo@ know how great his contribution is.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Freedom of flying for ever

                                   And on the ground where the food is for birds
 life can be beautiful
So I chose for my nickname: Blue bird to bring happiness to the ground, because blue birds do that  by their nature. Did you know?
Now you know from Blue bird:)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

as it was....

Once upon a time-----
there were crystal clear waters,
 there was oxygen rich clean air and 
the forests were creating just that 
where the  happy animal kingdom lived and 
was peaceful balance as Nature ruled.
So was once upon a time....

And now start a new blog and try to see what ever it means: once upon a time????????

Yes, since than there were ( and may be still are) some humans  who to try to escape where to find a spot as it was once upon a time?

Certainly one always can change a posting in a blog.