Monday, May 31, 2010

about the Family

This is a pic from the lost blog/post.
A delightful story killed by the Unknown.

about honesty

Nature likes honesty.
I have to talk about it since I like honesty too as being part of Nature.
Today 3 times I made 3 posting about my little story of the Canadian Geese. Had photos freshly shot in the Enchanted
Garden where these geese live as permanent residents.
It was 5 pics picked to be in the post,- but after 3 pic downloads I lost the entire posting. And this happened
3 times.
Honestly I was really discouraged, because
what is enough is enough.
Here is my honest talk by Nature
that I do not understand
why turns
blogging suddenly
so disgusting some times??????????
The truth is:
when you work hard
you like to see positive results.
In blogging powered by Google hard work does not mean success.
This is honestly the truth as I am learning while trying to work with blogger run by Google.
I wrote this
so that you my dear Reader
should know about it.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Magic Month of May end.

On a beautiful sunny day in England
Argo our British photographer took these pictures
as the sheep were happily standing there
to tell the World:
Life is good!

Peaceful grazing side by side

An other photo exclusive from Argo.
My comment to the existence of sheep
" I am very greatful
to Nature
since these sheep can make wool
that wonderful material
what keeps the naked human body
warm to bear the brutal
winter freeze."

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

One of those days

No image upload today! Thanks to the technical difficulties as it comes more often than is desirable in Google blogger.
is an experimental blog: the next post for Nature Talks was done first on BLOGMARK and
the images are there from yesterday
when the G. blogger was cooperating:)

For couple of hours I tryed to post to my main blog but no IMAGE download as of now.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


"This picture alone is worth to make a post in my blog where Nature Talks to us"
I don't know who made this photo but certainly is a lucky and talented individual.
It was sent to me with E-mail
by Argo
who is able to make
a photo like this, but
being so honest:
he said : he did not do it at this time.
But in previous post
Nature Talks
has equally nice swan photos from Argo.
Thank you very much.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Walk in my garden in May

The "Dogwood" tree is the tree of New York State. It is just beautiful when in early spring is covered with flowers.

This thermometer is outside of the window.
On one side
reads the temp in Fahrenheit
on the other side
reads in Celsius.
On this day was really warm
about 78 degree in F and 25 degree in C.

This is time when the Ferns weak up
and makes you smile
with funny
enfolding of the leaves.

The most delicate flowers of Iris is coming to bloom.
Used to have many more
some years ago, but
the changing surroundings ( shady trees)
cut down on the numbers of blooms.

Incredible construction of Nature.
I believe is a relative of
the Orchids.

A close up is so beautiful
it is hard to believe
this is just
growing like this
all by itself!

Finally here is my beloved bird:
the Cardinal
this is the male
sitting on the feeder
where his favored food
the Sunflower's seeds are waiting for him.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Family Fair in the Garden

This is the Enchanted Garden Fair on this beautiful Sunny Sunday in May 2010

All kinds of ideas come up to raise money to keep the Garden beautiful and to pay for the building of the hothouse.
comes from donations.
See next pick:

All kind of stuff just bringing in from every bodies home for sale
to use the money
for the Garden to keep Enchanted.

Certainly there is a big flower's Sale also from donations.
These flowers are the best quality for sure.
Mostly perennials.

Pick-nick is there
to keep the people happy
with good food
and delicious drinks

The tents are there for various reasons.
One is that the fair would go on even in rain!
But Mother Nature understood
and helped in the efforts
of good willing people.

The day was just full of fun
like it should be in

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Back to Enchanting Garden

Here is Rhododendron time

Relative to the azaleas acid loving plants

This color of this plant I have never seen

It's truly amazing as the color changes while the bloom matures: from pink to a peach color

My walk ended on this day when a group of Canadian Gees
showed up with their elegant walk of
their majestic appearance

Positive end to mosquito control

To bring this controversial issue to a positive end: I suggest to do the research for your best protection if you live in an area where is proven to have some chance for infection from the West Nile Virus
what can be carried by mosquitoes.
I use mostly Google search and just few key words are needed to lead you to a great amount of information, remedies and what ever you can think about for protection while enjoying the great outdoors or at night inside your house with proper nets if you sleep with open windows.
Wish you a great trouble free summer.

Friday, May 14, 2010

who could love mosquitos?

Wow that is a strange question.
In fact in this suburb on Long Island of
New York State
has been
many times
terrible actions taken with chemicals
to spray large areas
to kill
No need to tell how many
useful creatures
got on the list
to be victims killed by the
undiscriminating chemicals!
There are no more
in this part of the world.
Useful creatures like the
Praying Mantis, Lady Bugs,Beatles,
many useful Spiders are all gone.
Even birds get hurt and killed
and for the humans
better stay inside
your dwelling
when the deadly spraying comes.

There are countries
on this Globe
where the mosquitoes
are the major food
for the lovely Bats.
They are night animals
and can consumes
very large amount of
as their
main and major diet
like the mice for the owl.
Are here Bats?
I did not find one yet.
But in Europe
many places where I stayed
when the Sun sets on the horizon
the silently flying bats
makes the dark night very lively
when they are feeding
on Mosquitoes.
Bats can become very numerous
mainly in warm climate
they survive cold winters
if they find
a hiding place.
Besides the help of the Bats
are other harmless
way to protect your self
from mosquitoes or
other bugs.
Just take into consideration
the birds they live on insects!
When I go out to relax
in the shade of the oak trees
I carry a little bucket of
Citronella candle
and the fine smell does not agree
with insects.
The fire of the candle and
the little smoke
harmlessly chase the bugs
from your spot
where you want to relax.
I just wonder
how would those
humans of authority
react to this note?
Stop the use of chemicals?
Those chemical makers have a lot of power to keep their business going.
But even so: Nature is more powerful than any human.
For the wrong doings
Nature is there
to stop it
as an ancient Latin saying:
Naturam explells furca tamen usque recurret.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

about Balance in Nature

These are Mice living in the Field.
Not the same like those
in to your dwelling.
They are very timid animals
dare to move only
in the dark.
It's an owl living in the wild.
A night hunter
with incredible fine
capable of flying
in total silence.
From here on anybody can guess, that the
Balance in Nature
comes from the arrangement that the owl's
food is almost only mice.
And Nature provide plenty and wisely.
Up until the humans come about
and stupid as they can be
upset the order of Nature:
It is a true story:
a block away from my house was a very nice little meadow
with wild Flowers and with not much human interference.
In the tall grass was wonderful to take a rest,
look up the sky
and see the clouds playing around.
But one day a "wise guy" in the local
authorities got his eyes on this abandoned
piece of land.
They decided to "improve it"
No need to tell the destruction they created for months to come.
The vegetation was totally destroyed with bulldozers,
and the animals who lived there
were chased out and away.
So the mice came to my house and garden,
the owl was crying at night on the lamp poles
the rabbits ran a little further
and were other creatures not even to mention.
After months with noise and dust upsetting the entire
the project was finished
and the
improved land was dedicated
in a ceremony to a war hero.
After the crowd left the place got empty
and remained empty:
nobody wanted to go there
where actually was
not much to go for anyway.
This happened couple of years ago
and as wise as Nature is:
the wild Flowers started to grow back,
the mice went back also and the owl followed them.
About the humans?
no, not many. Some times
you could see somebody
bringing a dog for his/her daily walk.
Yes, I can hear the owls
at night: hu-hu, hu-hu
Life is gooooood.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Busy bee,bug,butterfly

The sweet honey time is here!
After all the miseries
of a harsh winter
Mother Nature gives us the reward:
feeding us
with sweet nectar.

Lady bug is loved by everybody

Not only for the pretty looks, but with

her beneficial habit:

to eat insects harmful for our plants.

The beauties of the garden and everywhere

where the humans did not kill them yet.

These are harmful

by the judgment of some authorities

who are able to order

to kill with chemicals

( the beauties of Nature)


the poison comes back to them

"wise guys"


The photos are the busy photographer's works :
Argo from England
Blue bird from USA.

Monday, May 3, 2010


Dear Blog Friends: my utmost apology to Everybody:

did not get to write a new post the past week, but will make up for it.

( I was thinking a lot of you though! :-)