Tuesday, May 11, 2010

about Balance in Nature

These are Mice living in the Field.
Not the same like those
in to your dwelling.
They are very timid animals
dare to move only
in the dark.
It's an owl living in the wild.
A night hunter
with incredible fine
capable of flying
in total silence.
From here on anybody can guess, that the
Balance in Nature
comes from the arrangement that the owl's
food is almost only mice.
And Nature provide plenty and wisely.
Up until the humans come about
and stupid as they can be
upset the order of Nature:
It is a true story:
a block away from my house was a very nice little meadow
with wild Flowers and with not much human interference.
In the tall grass was wonderful to take a rest,
look up the sky
and see the clouds playing around.
But one day a "wise guy" in the local
authorities got his eyes on this abandoned
piece of land.
They decided to "improve it"
No need to tell the destruction they created for months to come.
The vegetation was totally destroyed with bulldozers,
and the animals who lived there
were chased out and away.
So the mice came to my house and garden,
the owl was crying at night on the lamp poles
the rabbits ran a little further
and were other creatures not even to mention.
After months with noise and dust upsetting the entire
the project was finished
and the
improved land was dedicated
in a ceremony to a war hero.
After the crowd left the place got empty
and remained empty:
nobody wanted to go there
where actually was
not much to go for anyway.
This happened couple of years ago
and as wise as Nature is:
the wild Flowers started to grow back,
the mice went back also and the owl followed them.
About the humans?
no, not many. Some times
you could see somebody
bringing a dog for his/her daily walk.
Yes, I can hear the owls
at night: hu-hu, hu-hu
Life is gooooood.


  1. hmmmm some places should be left well alone. Love the pics the owl esspecially x

  2. Hi Crystal: thanks for your message. I am really curious if people will come around and say something. Because it is not the usual thing, a little more serious because of reality.
    Blogging is many times a place to enjoy ourselfs and the blogs.
    But I have this need to get it off my chest: to do something for a better future.
    To know more and learn more is essential.
    Have the next posting also ready: that is truly for everybody! :) J/bb :))))

  3. Interesting post. This place should have been left undisturbed, hope the flowers and animals are back and well. Pictures are so nice :)

  4. Thank you Ladies for your kind comment.
    There is always something somewhere to disturb the peace.
    But it always comes to a solution. Wish you all a nice week end. Love: Julia/bb :)