Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Busy bee,bug,butterfly

The sweet honey time is here!
After all the miseries
of a harsh winter
Mother Nature gives us the reward:
feeding us
with sweet nectar.

Lady bug is loved by everybody

Not only for the pretty looks, but with

her beneficial habit:

to eat insects harmful for our plants.

The beauties of the garden and everywhere

where the humans did not kill them yet.

These are harmful

by the judgment of some authorities

who are able to order

to kill with chemicals

( the beauties of Nature)


the poison comes back to them

"wise guys"


The photos are the busy photographer's works :
Argo from England
Blue bird from USA.


  1. Heisann!

    Great cooperation across the Atlantic, I support you in your work for the Nature...

  2. Great! Vilt og vakkert you are really wonderful. Actually I am working on this subjects for years, but my web site was shot down now, which is OK, because through blogging I can reach much further. In my next post: will be more words for better understanding.
    Thank you! Love: J/bb :-)

  3. Heisann!

    Thanks for the greetings- on my birthday !
    your seeds are growing fast in my greenhouse.... and Hilde will soon have some.
    I will make a post about endangered plants in my nearhood. Read an article last night about this theme.
    But as I have written earlier, I will spend more time outside the coming months, not sitting inside composing new posts!
    Have a nice day ;:OD)

  4. Hello Nina(vakkert) :-) You are one of the most active blogger whom I know. It is great to go to the Site and see when there is a message!
    My seed planting was not as successful as yours: my dear squirrels love to dig into soft, freshly moved soil!
    They ruined my first plantation of Morning Glory.
    Now I will keep every pot with seeds in it high up on my workbench!
    There are good writings about: Wildlife and agriculture clash!!! More later.
    Thanks for the mail. Love and hug: Julia/bluebird :DDD

  5. Photos are so sweet, all of them are welcome garden guests.

    The seeds you sent me and Bjørg Nina have started sprouting, not all yet but some of them. They seem to do very well. So nice!

    Have a great weekend :)

  6. What BEAUTIFUL shots!! I can just picture you outside examining every leaf and twig for a beautiful little insect! When I was younger (with less responsibilities!) I used to lay in the woods for hours watching ants and other insects busy at work. What fun!

  7. Yes Susan, that is a wonderful thing to do to lay down in a meadow if you can find one. Had a very nice one next to my house, but it is gone! They just destroy everything for no reason. It was just to "create" jobs to dig the place, cut the vegetation, chase the animals they lived there, just was so sad. But Nature comes back!:)
    Write about it later. Thanks for your comment. Julia/Blue bird :)

  8. This is a spot where I am trying to connect to Susan! I can not find the place at your last post to leave a comment! Wish you could find this message from a week ago: no place to find for a comment to you. Help! Julia/Bb :-)