Wednesday, February 24, 2010


In the magnificent painting of
from a seashell
emerges representing the
This blog Ia about the impatiently waiting for the Spring to come after along winter.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

For St. Valentine's Day

All my Friends
Buzz Dexter
the bumble bee
brings sweet honey
to cherish with love
our Friendship
across Cyberspace.
The Bumble Bee is one of my friend in Animal Kingdom.
He was born here,
but got his name from my British Friend Argo.
Buzz Dexter
lives mostly in the garage
pulling through the though winter.
When he wakes up he used to bother me
for a while because the winter makes him a little dizzy.
Than he finds his way to the flowers
and has lot of fun in the summer.
He has a summer home at the
basement door where is much
cooler and usually
has a little nest in a narrow pipe
so I can see his coming and going
all Sumner.
The picture is from last year when I saw him having a great time with the Dahlias.
It is good to built a pic libarary and pull out the right photo to all occasions. Blue Bird's advise. :-)

Thursday, February 11, 2010


because they just called it a Monster on 2/10/2010

and the snow was coming down like there would be no end

but no matter what happens:
every storm has an end
and the SUN will shine again!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Never ever so much snow!

This was the second Blizzard in this winter!
But one is enough
said the
cardinal to the little sparrow.
No memories holds info
to dump this much snow in this region!
What a delight
that I put out seeds
a day before on the top of the feeder
and 2 sticks of butter at the edge of the tray!
The woodpecker is holding tight
to dig into the butter!

Than the Blue Jays came
learning a new technique
to get out the seeds
from under the snow!
Just wait until the woodpecker leaves!
All the other birds
also will get
to the butter high value
of nutrition in a weather like this!

This cardinal is an old one.
We know each other
for number of years!
They live here permanently
and raise a small family
every year.

The fury of the storm
loves to upset
anything movable
in the sleeping garden.
At this time the wind was
just unbearable
and the chairs were rolling all over.

Friday, February 5, 2010


After many long winter days I was thinking how nice would be to take a walk in desert land where they don't know what is snow and they don't know how does it feel to be cold?So I got to a hot house where one can meet some times really funny creatures

These are the one they can not be touched
because their beauty
is only for your eye .

Here you really can see a funny guy
good enough to make you laugh
as he is leaving his pot
to see what is outside
from his confinement?

There are truly unbelievable designs
what Nature makes.
A plant like this looks
like a drawing.
Happy to be in the waterless
hot desert Land.

No end to the variety of the inhabitants
in a desert.
A little walk in
the dry warm air
gives you hope:
There will be an end
to the Winter
for us too.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Groundhog Day

The Star of the day:
he will tell

if he sees his shadow in a bright sunshine:
goes back to sleep
winter is not over....
But if the weather is really bad
he will come out
and sing a song