Monday, December 27, 2010

blizzard to end 2010

Blizzards are similar, but not always.

This was very different

and was very nasty.

Actually this would be the last picture

but you know in this blogger

the end comes first.

This is the next day

when the sun is shining already

and the sky looks blue

like never before.

This tree was lucky, locating in a spot, where the

drift did not get to it.

The great difference was in the wind.

It was extraordinary

what was producing in the night

and still 2 more days to blow

the fury

what she got.

This picture is not in the high mountains

but on the yew bush

in front of the window.

I was watching the "ac cu weather..." days before.

It was something big coming

from the South

up on the East Coast of USA.

That is good, because brings warm air.

But at the same time

a brutal wind got into the show

from the NW ( north west)

That was a very bad news. bad news.

Gusting 40-50-60 mi

is brutal when the snow

is coming down 2-3 inches per hour!

I live 25 mi East of NYC

and got a major blast

during the night.

Fortunately help came to dig me out.

First I could not even open the kitchen door

because a mountain was placed there

during the night.

So the rescue started there

and than dig a path

down to the street and

also clean up my car.

No need to tell:

handsome money for the young man!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

for the love of the trees continue

It was a chilly December day when a father with his 10 year old son went out to the fields to find a pine tree to decorate for Christmas as his wife told him what she wanted.
As the father looked around in the pine tree field found a very handsome tree about 10 years old. He said to his son: " See this tree,-- it is as old as you are, but if I cut it will die." The little boy with some education from school about environmental issues quickly said to his father: " I don't want the tree to die. I don't want a Christmas tree. Many kids don't have trees at home".
They turned back going home but when they arrived without the tree the woman, the house boss started to yell: " I bought all the pretty decoration, I want a live tree!" And her husband answered: " It is going to be a dead tree if I cut one",--- but she could not care less, because those trees are there to be cut she said.
So the dead tree arrived into the warm heated house, the woman happily hung those silly objects she spent good money for them.
Just a couple of days later the tree started to drop the leaves and as soon as Christmas was over she said: " What a mess this tree is making here" and she
removed the treasured decorations and tossed the tree into the burning fireplace.
The dried out pine tree ignited with such a force, that the flames shoot out burning the objects around the fireplace. The little tree had the final words:with some effort the Family had to work to put out the fire and the repair of the damage cost a nice amount.
This family had never again a "live" Christmas tree.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Saturday, December 18, 2010

December activities

Unusually cold weather came this year earlier than expected.
The birds of the sea come to town for food.
The fish moves deeper and the birds can not get them and are hungry.
This one bird is the guard for the group:
he is watching if food is coming from the humans on
the parking lot at McDonald's
and he alerts everybody when the life saving food

Thanks to those who gives.
Giving is wonderful when you see
how the birds are grasping
the fine
nutritious food
and the pain of the hunger
calms down.

The melting snow
makes some patterns
on the asphalt parking lot.

The birds are really having a good time
because I had plenty
of food collected
from the every day left overs.

At the same time also is
Christmas giving time for humans.
Here I show 2 boxes
with goodies in them
One is for my Doctor with
the white bow,
the other is for
the secretary

What is in it?
If I tell you it will be a surprise:
yes cookies of course but
tea party!
Tea with no caffeine in it
made from herbs
AND little bottle
for a teaspoon
to make it much more enjoyable.:))))))

I also got some presents.
A very cheerful
bouquet of flowers
I put there an other gift
from a friend:
the red Cardinal made by
crafty artists.
No, this is not the end of the exciting time
of giving.
More to come with
mishaps as well.
But in these days you should be
ready for a variety of
humans activities.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Thursday, December 9, 2010

About blogging

One of these days I will write about blogging and the bloggers who are giving me so much enjoyment! I will write one by one just to express my gratitude getting so much from nowhere and never known sources.
Thank you to everybody to be so sharing and caring through the cyberspace! Mostly known as Blue bird :)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Healthy breakfast

Most of the ingredients are here but a few are missing like grape jelly , and banana.
Main ingredient is Oatmeal with Unprocessed bran. Flax seed is milled
and for taste I use ginger and cinnamon.
Mix with skim milk
and cook on the stove
for few minutes.
As I serve it on the table
sprinkle a bit of sugar on the top
and eat it with several
teaspoon grape jelly.

This is the tea I drink with fat free milk.

The tea is made with boiling water
pouring over
herbs in various tastes.
Caffeine free of course.

This is a good healthful portion
but not cooked to much:
you can see the banana is in one piece
after cooking.
( This meal is good for high fiber diet.)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

An other blog

You : Dear Blogger perhaps don't know that I post a lot in an other blog also. This is my experimental blog. the name is: BlogMark. forgot the URL :-)))) I'll be back to let you know how to get there. Julia/blue bird