Monday, August 30, 2010

Last days in August

At this time we can collect the remnants of flowers.
After they die
some can be dried and
become very decorative
in vases around your house.
The bird feeders are not as busy
like in the summer
hungry parents
newly hatched babies
came for food
to grow big and strong
and able to do
the difficult task
of migration
to a nice warm
place for the winter.

In the dry days
a spraying fountain
is most welcomed
( is easy to set up)
and give the drink
to the thirsty plants.

The pot garden can be moved
closer to the house
where their beauties
can be admired longer
the frost will come.

The nights are cool now
in the morning
fog is giving
some artistic view
for the Flag.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


These photos were sent
by our
British photographer
ArgoThis is CrichTower in Derbyshire
a neighboring county
to Yorkshire
where Argo lives.
It is a memorial for soldiers of the
Sherwood Foresters regiment
from the WWI
Built 1923.
It looks like a lighthouse and lights up at night but there is no sea nearby.
Built on 1000 feet above sea level
and takes 52 steps to get to the top
These photos are the views from
the Tower
where he made 52 steps
up to the top.

An other wonderful picture
to show a most
charming village
to see
from the Tower.
All photos are Argo@exclusives.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Summer's presents

No need for words about these pictures.

I promised to tell you the next time
how to make a delicious meal
from these already appetizing ingredients.
First take a good size pan
than cut up to inch sizes
these veggies and
place all of them into the pan.
Add a little water
than at high heat
start to cook them.
Add some Canola or
Olive oil and
salt to your taste.
( I use very little salt!!!)
When it boils
turn the heat down to low
and stirring occasionally
let it simmer until
everything is tender.
There should be some fluid
from the tomatoes
use enough of them.
sprinkle with little sugar
because the tomatoes can be sour.
For me
this is a meal.
But mostly people put in rice
to the veggies
to absorb the fluid.
Also is more of a meal
with some meat
usually is very good with
and not grilled
to make them less greasy.

I love on the side
some kind of a bread
mostly biscuits
and lot of fluid in the summer:
juices I always
delude with water.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

about hot days

Lunch on the light side These are ingredients of one of my
favored meal.
Mostly veggies;
no meat
for less calories.
How to make out of these
a delight
tell you later. :)
This is very simple
frequently on the menue
Couliflower cooked before.
Than in a small dish
put some olive oil and sprinkle
with breadcrums.
Put the cauliflower
on this mixture
sprinkle with olive oil
on top
also some breadcrums again and finally
comes the cottage cheese
with no fat sour cream.
It goes for few minutes
in toaster oven.
Southern biscuit on side
and apple juice for drink.
Ideal for
a very light meal.

Our prayers were
to come.

Under the heat of the bright hot sun
the grass and other
just burned
like a toast. :(

With the help of
the beneficial
big oak trees
the shade saved
lot of lives.
Eventually the rain came,
for some plants
was late, but many came
back to life.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fun pictures at the end of Summer

We met on the quiet beach
His name is
a most lovable bird
of fancy feathers.
Owner claims:
was born and raised here
not a captive!

Buzzing, buzzing
all over
the honey collecting
Bumble Bees
Here is Buzz Dexter
from England
both photos
British Friend:

Gee !!!
what else you can find!!!
Fancy Gourd
a discussion
Spicy Pepper!
I am not sure if
it was an argument?
They spoke a language
I did not quite
understand :(

I called him
Red Ram
as he looked
to me:
it was a juicy
red pepper.
If you go and look around all kind of
things and events might come into your way.
Just look, see and
most photos are taken
Blue Bird.

Monday, August 16, 2010

More events in August

This is from the fantasy of Blue bird while
dude- ling about some Galaxy

This is real photo
borrowed ( with permission)
meteor shower

In the August sky
at night
it's a wonderful experience to see the star's traveling in every directions.
Nature Talks has no commercial activity,
borrowed picks are not
while showing friends
the Univers.

Did you know?

today is
to all my dear Friends in blog-life and outside of blogland: good friends, best friends
every friends:
Have a wonderful
FRIEND'S DAY today and every day.
Wish you with love:
Blue Bird :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

about what August brings

Clouds which are filled with power
of the possibilities
when the summer end hurricanes

On the beach people are really enjoying the
summer ending sunshine
In my garden:
Over the rainbow
an other
and an other rainbow
over the rainbows

Summer hat and shirt
after a still
but quiet
Summer day

More rainbows

Still more rainbows

And a really peaceful
summer afternoon
in a charming
little village
somewhere in Europe.
A few pictures
from this August 2010
by Blue Bird :)

About the rainbows: are
Blue Bird's creations
while also taking
the photographs
having great fun. :-)))))))))

Monday, August 2, 2010

Some where on Earth

There are butterflies somewhere on Earth.
There are Meadows somewhere on Earth.
And there are people
who share
and let us know:
may be
some day
you will have them
on this Earth!
To know the story:
some years ago in our area chemicals were sprayed to kill mosquitoes. :-((
Since than the insect's world is gone.
But rejoyce!
I'll get some
butterfly coccons
to hatch!
And will have butterflies
and make a little
meadow in my garden
with wild flowers!
It can be done
on this Earth!