Monday, August 29, 2011

After the storm (Irene)

All is well concerning my little circle. The storm went away and the sun is bright as never before.

By the time the storm got to Long Island N.Y.where I and my friends are: the storm lost lot of power but flooding is all over from the torrential rain and the wind also broke lot of trees, but now Monday morning it is beautiful weather and the clean up can begin and the trains will run and the planes will fly. Thank God, it was not as bad as expected.

Friday, August 26, 2011

about lot of inconveniens

In the coming days the East Coast of USA

has to face a serious storm from a hurricane called "Irene".

Just to let you know about some

inconvenient details:

Cause of high winds it is likely

to loose power ( electricity)

what means no Internet, no Computer.

Refrigerators can loos most of the food

stored there, no cooking with electric stove.

There is only one making things

easier to bear:

the temperature is summery high.

Certainly in winter

would be much more troubles.

The hurricane as advances is loosing power

by coming to Boston

perhaps will be down grated as tropical storm.

Let's hope for the best but

prepare for the worst.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Only in summer time

Coming to an end of an other lovely summer!

These pictures are here

to let us know:

only in summer time

can you see these beauties:)

The butterflies are loved by everyone! Not only because of the beauty
but because they are very beneficial
with pollination!

Bees and other insects
are magnifient
as they know
which part of a flower is worth visiting!


Mostly again Argo Photos.but
the bee is a Blue bird

Unfortunately where Blue bird lives
there are no butterflies at this time.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cows in the field

These are the photos from Argo.
He lives in a big city in England but
we can see the idyllic life in the fields still exist in his country as He is showing in his pictures.

The cow in the middle is a bull = a male cow with English
discipline therefore he is free to mingle with females. Some other countries he is usually separated the way I saw in my travels.

The bull is fully aware of his superior existence while he is leading home the females.

Thanks to Argo to bring us

about the

fine harmony with Nature

Friday, August 19, 2011

about need for concentration

Just realize it, that 10 days gone bye and no posting from Blue bird.!!
Actually I did put together some materials for more than just one posting, but than was not possible to get my concentration together among the useless activities I had to do.
It is depressing to be under the pressure's of really stupid demands from
sources which have no reason to be around, other than they have to make a living and can create time wasting no-use-for-anything activities.

I have ready for posting is :
about dragonflies, cows and of course some flowers as summer is wearing down.
Lately in my postings I am using friend's works-- nice photos--- because I have also my camera on a long summer vacation....:))))))))))

There is a saying:
" what is late---will not disappear!"
Believe me:
I'd like to get to work.!!!!!! Thanks for your Patience!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wild field

It is a joy to see a yound child in a wild field

to getting know the beauties of Nature.

Let them grow up learning what the beauties are

before the humans

cut the grass and flowers.

What can be more rewarding than

to see the flowers

which grow

on there on free will?

There is no more

cheerful experience

than to see

a red poppy to greet you with

unspoiled love

A path in the field

is manmade

but not with concrete

but by the feet

of walking people.

When the Sun goes down

the gold colored sky

gives you the pleasure

to see Nature's miracles

right in front of you.