Monday, August 22, 2011

Only in summer time

Coming to an end of an other lovely summer!

These pictures are here

to let us know:

only in summer time

can you see these beauties:)

The butterflies are loved by everyone! Not only because of the beauty
but because they are very beneficial
with pollination!

Bees and other insects
are magnifient
as they know
which part of a flower is worth visiting!


Mostly again Argo Photos.but
the bee is a Blue bird

Unfortunately where Blue bird lives
there are no butterflies at this time.


  1. Ismét egy csodálatos bejegyzés és fotók .A szöveg szín nagyon szép és természetesen, jó összhangban van a képekkel .
    Nem hiába Te a színek világában éltél és élsz:))
    Ölelésem Marika;)

  2. Lovely bee and butterfly photos :)

  3. Dear Ladies from Blogger World. Your kind comments makes worth to make blog posts! Thanks you with warm wishes at the ending Summer. Julia/bb :)