Thursday, March 31, 2011

Extra, extra

Introducing GOULASH

by name of the new reporter at Nature Talks blog. This is only his profile: he will talk and move while greeting the arrival of SPRING 2011. ______________________________--------------------------_ It's a little movie when it works. You might guess we are working to make a movie on Nature Talks blog.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring greetings from England

The Daffodil everywhere is the nicest greeting for
Early Spring

Happily enjoying the fresh grass for relaxation,
after her wool was cut
to make those
wonderful warm garments
for the naked human :)

Fish is coming up to the surface
from winter hiding

I have seen this kind of a fish
in Japanese Garden's lakes

Enjoying the crystal clear water

A family of swan feeding on the
bank of a river.
The white is the mother
the darker color are still
the very young

Mama swan takes for a walk
the Seven
of her kids.

All exclusive photos in this post
for Nature Talks
are the contribution
from Argo
our British correspondent.
Blue Bird the editor
of this post
Saying many thanks
and appreciation
to Argo
for his kindness.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

winter's prisoners freed

where the limit is the sky above and
on the horizon is the Atlantic Ocean

this is a day of freedom given to us by
Almighty Nature
after a brutal winter
on the North-East
coast of USA .


Equinox is next day,
the Official opening of Spring time
we celebrate the first trip
out of our residence
on Long Island N.Y.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Prayer for Japan

To break the silence comes with a prayer for Japan.
the "praying hands"
is a drawing
Albrecht Durer.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Nature Talks blog keep silent.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Rain and shine

It is RAIN = beneficial rain to wash the snow and dirt away!

The patio clean of the feet of snow!
Pots are waiting for Spring flowers!

Go to get some food!
"Pater Noster: give us the daily bread"...
But in the Far East they eat rice instead of bread.
How do they pray?....

Broccoli is cooking, a favored food.

Incredible large ripe strawberries from our California
a USA product!

Wash them and eat it as it is, or can be cooked for
jam to the breakfast cereal.

In the Sunshine the strawberries are laughing
It's a beautiful day.
And the Muse kissed me to write a poem:
" Love the rain when it's raining,
Love the Sun when it shines,
Love what ever it is coming:
Because I love you: Dear Old Life!"
Photo and poem by @Blue bird:)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Variation on a theme

Dear Blogger Friends:
today I posted in Vaumau blog some artwork.
If you interested it is at:

Sunday, March 6, 2011


At the time we visited the orchids, next we went to the
Cactus House!
My companion said she does not want to be photographed today, so I did this for fun.
I have a great affection for the cactus.
They are funny and make me smile.

This is a root.
I thinks is adorable.

They are there left in a nice place
where they can freely spread
what they love to do.

They are in a funny group
what they create on their own.
Perhaps was planted one some time ago---
and than they become a lovely social group.

This is my main attraction.

Makes me laugh
how this plant is fighting
the dimension of
the pot!
In every direction
just wants to get out!

This one is a darling

like nothing else.
Considering the thorns what can hurt you
she raps them up
that you can touch them
if it was just covered
with fine silk.

In our quiet walk around the cactus collection
finally a kind lady
came out from the background.
She told us, that she is a volunteer
taking care of the cactus house.
She also said:
"Now the days are getting longer,
with more light
the cactus community will come to
with unthinkable beautieful flowers"
Our date was set.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


They call me:
Lady slipper.

" I am also unique"
They call me also:
Lady slipper

than the others
but I am also
a Lady slipper"

"My color is yellow"
I am more rare
than the others"

we are just beautiful

Every body knows us

Hundreds of blooming orchids with full power of the unique
creations of Nature
photo: @Blue Bird
all rights reserved

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

to the blogger community

In this post I just like to say a great big:
to my new followers. Certainly is inspiring when a blogger can see the other blogger interest in the work what is put in the postings.
must tell that some of the followers on the list
are not all functioning.
I am very sorry about Susan from Montana
who was an excellent contributor with many useful advise.
She talked about "Hard times coming..." last year in June and since than she did not post!
We care about each other and I am really missing her: just
wonder: what happened?
In my life the PC is a Center piece.
I feel
that friendships
even in a long distance
can become very close and warm relationship!
Grateful thoughts to those
wonderful humans
who brought to life
the Internet!
To my understanding it started at CERN Switzerland
close to 1994 that this kind of a communication
was established!
with Love and Understanding was posted by @Blue Bird aka Julia.