Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Rain and shine

It is RAIN = beneficial rain to wash the snow and dirt away!

The patio clean of the feet of snow!
Pots are waiting for Spring flowers!

Go to get some food!
"Pater Noster: give us the daily bread"...
But in the Far East they eat rice instead of bread.
How do they pray?....

Broccoli is cooking, a favored food.

Incredible large ripe strawberries from our California
a USA product!

Wash them and eat it as it is, or can be cooked for
jam to the breakfast cereal.

In the Sunshine the strawberries are laughing
It's a beautiful day.
And the Muse kissed me to write a poem:
" Love the rain when it's raining,
Love the Sun when it shines,
Love what ever it is coming:
Because I love you: Dear Old Life!"
Photo and poem by @Blue bird:)


  1. Végre hó elolvadt ,remény,hogy következik a kellemes tavaszi napsütés.De az éjszakák még hidegek :(
    Fogyasztott élelem színei magyaros :)
    Eper: PIROS
    Kenyér: FEHÉR
    Brokkoli: ZÖLD
    Vers nagyon kedves .

  2. Thank you Marika for your kind comment! Yes, this is the way to Spring time.But the food is all fresh NOT FROZEN! The bread is also fresh from the local bakery! Red-White-Green is OK, but was an accident. Some times it works. Thanks again.Love and hugs: J/bb :)