Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring greetings from England

The Daffodil everywhere is the nicest greeting for
Early Spring

Happily enjoying the fresh grass for relaxation,
after her wool was cut
to make those
wonderful warm garments
for the naked human :)

Fish is coming up to the surface
from winter hiding

I have seen this kind of a fish
in Japanese Garden's lakes

Enjoying the crystal clear water

A family of swan feeding on the
bank of a river.
The white is the mother
the darker color are still
the very young

Mama swan takes for a walk
the Seven
of her kids.

All exclusive photos in this post
for Nature Talks
are the contribution
from Argo
our British correspondent.
Blue Bird the editor
of this post
Saying many thanks
and appreciation
to Argo
for his kindness.


  1. Hi Julia.
    My compliments to Argo for a great series of photos.
    I love the swan photos, they are so sweet.

    Now it seems that spring finally is on its way here too :)

  2. Kedves Júlia!!
    Argo nagyon jó fotós, Blue Bird jó szerkesztő és a blog bejegyzés e két csodálatos ember munkája .

    " Az ember akkor sikeres ,ha reggel felkel,este lefekszik és közben azt csinálja amit szeret "

  3. Thank you Ladies: Hilde and Marika your kind coment will reach Argo.
    I am grateful, because as it is here: was snowing, raining close to freezing temp. That was a day when we went to the Ocean, but since again storm after storm and cold. There are no flowers outside at all. Argo photos can greet the Spring,-- but we have here a March like a "lion".Love: Julia/bb :( :))))

  4. Breaking news >>>

    - Argo

  5. So many lovely changes and so much to look forward to...beautiful photos really capture spring.

  6. Thank you very much for the kind comment! When Springs comes it is time to make changes and if Nature Talks blog will be lucky: w'll have new reporters from Animal Kingdom to give a nice boost to a new season.

  7. Heisann!

    Wonderful spring, the season I love most ..

    I go to Bratislava tomorrow, spring has been there for some weeks already ;:D)
    Hope everything is well ...

  8. Happy to hear from you. Wish you a wonderful trip. Wonder what is there interesting for you in "Pozsony" used to be Hungarian. Love:J/bb:)