Saturday, June 26, 2010

Footprints in the sand

It was in the early morning
when Life just started
to weak up.
I was walking on the beach
in my sorrow where I
always used to find consolation.
Just looked
in the sand
the foot prints:
"Oh, dear Life
the Ocean Fairy
just went by!"
I whispered with excitement

"And left treasures in the sand for some reason to find out why?"

as I was thinking in the morning Sunshine.

Sea shells since ancient times
in different cultures
are regarded as symbols
as the beginning of new Life.

And I stood there in this morning to see the beauties of the seashells telling me: " The tears of yesterday dry up in the Ocean breeze and there is a new beginning today and tomorrow and everyday till the end of times."

The good Ocean Fairy as always is there with the help in need.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer night sleep

On this day of Summer Solstice I have a message to my dear Blogger Friends:
I am taking
some time off from Blogging.
Need some refreshing ideas to collect while I am working to get over a sad event: losing a close member of my family. I need to get over it. And when I weak up from my Summer sleep I shell be filled with themes
what will be beneficial
for all of us.
Hope to see you soon.
Blue Bird.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Snorkeling :)

in deep waters

"Did you say: I am beautiful?"

" They call us
Gold fish
but that
is only by the humans"

"and might as well
we are the
Silver fish"

"Can you see the
endless variety
in the deep?
many thanks
Mother Nature
to give us
all these beauties!!!!"

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer is here

Quiet and calm

First visitors on the beach

Peaceful environment

Photos by Blue bird@Long Island Sound.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Round and round

Did you ever think about Nature's creations where there are no straight lines?
Did you ever see a "square and fair" fruit?
Did you want to straighten out
a ray of Sunshine?
( No the rays of Sunshine are not straight!)
Planet Earth is a round Globe.

Raindrops on the window
look round drops.

Raindrops in a puddle
on a brick walkway
are round.

Little flowers
are all round

Peaches are round

Lemons are round.
Humans like to do things the easy way in these days:
Straight and square
what ever they make something.
You bang into the square table,
put a pillow to make
a chair square seat more comfortable.
But the auto-makers
do make more round edges
on the body of the car,
airplanes has to be very smoothly round off
against the resistance of the air.
And when you want to go underwater
you have to make lot of
to accommodate
the forces of water.
Yes, it cost money.
Perhaps with more agreement
with Nature
the man-made disasters
would not happen
like in the Gulf of Mexico
and the Earthquakes detestation's
if buildings would be built
with more knowledge of Nature.
Finally about the most of all:
a globe has limited space.
Perhaps if you think about
growing population
think about
your children's future
and think about Nature's power
what is much bigger than the humans will.

Facts and opinions written by:
Blue bird .

Monday, June 14, 2010


I gave this title to this post
to" pick up the thread" because
after the last post about
the Gulf tragedy
I did not feel like posting
the usual way.
But life went on after 9/11/2001
and at this time also
we have to go on no matter
how hard it is
to deal with the facts.
People say: " June is the Month of Roses"
These here are the roses in a garland
at the side of the house
as you come
to the entrance

It's a very old planting.
It was here when we bought the house.
It is covered with very many
little group of roses
and very hardy.
No matter how cold is the winter
the little bouquets will bloom
with abundant
numbers in brilliant dark pink color.

There common name is "Impatient"
a very popular plant here. The name comes from the fact
that they are "Impatient to bloom"
and by the end of the summer
they become a big bunch
with the most
amazing colors.

This here is something else.
It is a perennial ground cover
enjoying the well taken care
in a pot.
The yellow flowers?
Hope you forgive me:
they are not real
they made of silk by humans.
( Please smile and don't
make a serious face:
I am just having fun
to make this pot
more cheerful with
some color.)
Posted with love by: Blue Bird :-)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Nature speaks loud and clear

I am not a master of words. Pictures were always my main interest.
But at this time I must say what
About the horrors of human activities in the Gulf of Mexico.
Just mention some numbers: BP "confessed"
$ 14 bn profit from last year. Was not that enough money available to spend on safety and precaution in deep water drilling?
It was with massive negligence the way this Co. was operating even before
this event.
It is not clear to me: where are the cut off lines who is responsible ultimately? But again is a monumental example how the humans hurting this planet!
And as you see: the Earth is angry, very angry.
The difficulty what the Earth is giving at this time for the humans to get hold of this monstrous flowing of that mess
it speaks:
loud and clear that those are not
who are responsible on the ultimate level.
written with sadness and anger
Blue Bird

Sunday, June 6, 2010


This post belongs to the previous posting of
Henry Moore sculptures
in the park with the visiting sheep.

Because of technical difficulties this photo would not upload : became a separate posting, but with the same subjects matter:
Argo the British photographer sent these pics to Nature Talks blog to be published . With many thanks Blue Bird is presenting this photo of a
Henry Moore sculpture
with a sheep
which is while grazing
also digest
what he/she is learning
about art
in the shadow of the
strange looking


Nature talks in a different way.
These are Henry Moore sculptures which are visited by a wondering sheep while
Argo created this
exclusive photograph.
I find it very inspiring
that in a park where sculptures are
sheep can come
to learn and admire
great pieces of art.
I wish that such happenings
would be followed
around the World.
Hope you agree with me Dear Reader.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Month of June is on the way.

I am not an expert in Gardening
and my notes
are not totally correct,
but enjoy to take photos
of these beauties.
The Iris is a relative to the Orchid Family.
Nature's creation is a miracle
as you can see the fine details
of the Iris bloom!

The tender petals are so delicate,
one does not even want to touch it.

It is blooming time of the Iris now in our region.They come in many colors. The purple is the oldest color ( I think) and the variety are hybrids and not as strong as this one.


With love of Nature

presented exclusive photos

of Blue Bird :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Canadian Geese activity

It is the ideal place where these geese really love to live:
big open grass field, quiet surroundings and nearby water.

They are very well organized to secure a safe and happy life.
There is a leader
he is watching
while the others are grazing
in the lush grass.

He : the leader will decide when is time to go
to the water
and he is leading
the family
who are following without
any hesitation.

And there you are!
The beautiful crystal clear pond
for swimming,
and having fun.
So is life in the Enchanted Garden
for the
Canadian Geese
permanent residents.
Photos and text
presented with love:
by Blue Bird :)