Sunday, June 6, 2010


This post belongs to the previous posting of
Henry Moore sculptures
in the park with the visiting sheep.

Because of technical difficulties this photo would not upload : became a separate posting, but with the same subjects matter:
Argo the British photographer sent these pics to Nature Talks blog to be published . With many thanks Blue Bird is presenting this photo of a
Henry Moore sculpture
with a sheep
which is while grazing
also digest
what he/she is learning
about art
in the shadow of the
strange looking


  1. Amazing x hope your weekend was great was warm in Cornwall weekend but wet and windy today x x x

  2. Thank you Crystal! Here the week end was just hot over +30 C with high humidity. Was a scary forcast but nothing happend. But the temp. just plumeted down to reaching to wear a sweater.
    Those beautiful inspirations you have must be coming from that amazing place of Cornwall! Enjoy the Summer!
    LoveJulia/bb :)

  3. love this photo... it truly is as if the sheep is admiring the artistic nature of her country side...

  4. Hello Mother's Moon: thank you for your response. I look forward to find a fine connection between Oklahoma and New York State.
    I certainly like to know more about how is life there where I never been yet.
    Many thanks again for your interest in Nature Talks.
    Julia/Blue bird :)

  5. Wow, that's a really cool picture! :)

  6. Hello Susan! Thank you for your comment. Lately my English Friend is helping out with photos, with more interesting subjects. But I have my stuff just don't have the time. Love and hug: Julia/bb :)