Saturday, June 5, 2010

Month of June is on the way.

I am not an expert in Gardening
and my notes
are not totally correct,
but enjoy to take photos
of these beauties.
The Iris is a relative to the Orchid Family.
Nature's creation is a miracle
as you can see the fine details
of the Iris bloom!

The tender petals are so delicate,
one does not even want to touch it.

It is blooming time of the Iris now in our region.They come in many colors. The purple is the oldest color ( I think) and the variety are hybrids and not as strong as this one.


With love of Nature

presented exclusive photos

of Blue Bird :)


  1. Hi Julia :) The irises are such beautiful flowers. I have some in my garden, and now the buds are coming, I think they will bloom in a week or two. Mine are purple, like the ones in your photos.

    Hilde :)

  2. Thanks Hilde the news about your Irises. Please make some photos just to compare.It must be some difference because the soil in the 2 different locations.
    The acidity here at Iris plantation needs some lime mix into the ground.
    Though many things do not agree about the cultivation here,-- people still will fight with chemicals to do what they want to do.