Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Nature speaks loud and clear

I am not a master of words. Pictures were always my main interest.
But at this time I must say what
About the horrors of human activities in the Gulf of Mexico.
Just mention some numbers: BP "confessed"
$ 14 bn profit from last year. Was not that enough money available to spend on safety and precaution in deep water drilling?
It was with massive negligence the way this Co. was operating even before
this event.
It is not clear to me: where are the cut off lines who is responsible ultimately? But again is a monumental example how the humans hurting this planet!
And as you see: the Earth is angry, very angry.
The difficulty what the Earth is giving at this time for the humans to get hold of this monstrous flowing of that mess
it speaks:
loud and clear that those are not
who are responsible on the ultimate level.
written with sadness and anger
Blue Bird


  1. Such a horrible disaster. Totally breaks my heart. Such destruction...death...and all for the oil...for the money. Where were the plans beforehand should something go wrong?

  2. As time goes on more and more horroble details are coming to light.It seems that the Earth is not for humans to "play" with in an irresponsible way as so many times they fail and cause irreversible demages and kill people who just want to have a job.
    The forces of the Earth, the power of Nature is far more powerful as those humans think with almost a childish naiveness that they can handle what is way behind their capabilities.
    Greed and arrogance of the humans are major factors in the work of evil.
    Let us pray to God for help.