Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer night sleep

On this day of Summer Solstice I have a message to my dear Blogger Friends:
I am taking
some time off from Blogging.
Need some refreshing ideas to collect while I am working to get over a sad event: losing a close member of my family. I need to get over it. And when I weak up from my Summer sleep I shell be filled with themes
what will be beneficial
for all of us.
Hope to see you soon.
Blue Bird.


  1. I will surely miss you, but I understand and know it is only for a short while. Rest well, my friend. We will be here waiting.

  2. rest hun take a break and come back refreshed and new x x x when your ready to come back we shall be here waiting x x x

  3. you will be missed yet understand the need for rest and care... take care

  4. I am sorry to hear about the loss of your family member. Rest, and take the time you need off blogging. We will be here when you are back!

  5. I understand completely. Sending you blessings and healing hugs.

    Shirl x

  6. Thank you my dear Friends: you are so good to me with your kind words.
    I was very tired when I wrote that post, but I will pick up again. Nature has her demands:when you are hurt you have to rest and heal and come out stronger.
    Thank you again. Julia/Blue bird

  7. Heisann!

    I will also take a rest, but from my job. The summerholiday starts tomorrow.
    See you again after the breake. Think of you in the meantime ;:OD)

  8. Dear Vilt og vakkert Nina: have been looking for you, but truly I can not find translation. Missed you and will send E-mail.
    You too can use a rest! Wish you speedy recovery and happy come back! Love Julia/Blue bird :)