Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Canadian Geese activity

It is the ideal place where these geese really love to live:
big open grass field, quiet surroundings and nearby water.

They are very well organized to secure a safe and happy life.
There is a leader
he is watching
while the others are grazing
in the lush grass.

He : the leader will decide when is time to go
to the water
and he is leading
the family
who are following without
any hesitation.

And there you are!
The beautiful crystal clear pond
for swimming,
and having fun.
So is life in the Enchanted Garden
for the
Canadian Geese
permanent residents.
Photos and text
presented with love:
by Blue Bird :)


  1. This post took 3 days to get it done. The hang up with photo's upload can be nerve-wreking and frustrating as I see for many bloggers beside myself.

  2. What a great series of photos, Julia, a very enjoyable post :)

    Hope you have a happy weekend.

  3. Thank you Hilde! The weather here is very summery now, we could use some rain!
    You are counting the days: soon will be Summer Solstice which is not as joyable as in the Winter!
    Think a lot about Norway so much to the North now with very long days! Love: Julia/bb :)