Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Round and round

Did you ever think about Nature's creations where there are no straight lines?
Did you ever see a "square and fair" fruit?
Did you want to straighten out
a ray of Sunshine?
( No the rays of Sunshine are not straight!)
Planet Earth is a round Globe.

Raindrops on the window
look round drops.

Raindrops in a puddle
on a brick walkway
are round.

Little flowers
are all round

Peaches are round

Lemons are round.
Humans like to do things the easy way in these days:
Straight and square
what ever they make something.
You bang into the square table,
put a pillow to make
a chair square seat more comfortable.
But the auto-makers
do make more round edges
on the body of the car,
airplanes has to be very smoothly round off
against the resistance of the air.
And when you want to go underwater
you have to make lot of
to accommodate
the forces of water.
Yes, it cost money.
Perhaps with more agreement
with Nature
the man-made disasters
would not happen
like in the Gulf of Mexico
and the Earthquakes detestation's
if buildings would be built
with more knowledge of Nature.
Finally about the most of all:
a globe has limited space.
Perhaps if you think about
growing population
think about
your children's future
and think about Nature's power
what is much bigger than the humans will.

Facts and opinions written by:
Blue bird .


  1. Thank you Hilde: have been away from my PC for a while, back now. Love: Julia/bb :)