Monday, June 14, 2010


I gave this title to this post
to" pick up the thread" because
after the last post about
the Gulf tragedy
I did not feel like posting
the usual way.
But life went on after 9/11/2001
and at this time also
we have to go on no matter
how hard it is
to deal with the facts.
People say: " June is the Month of Roses"
These here are the roses in a garland
at the side of the house
as you come
to the entrance

It's a very old planting.
It was here when we bought the house.
It is covered with very many
little group of roses
and very hardy.
No matter how cold is the winter
the little bouquets will bloom
with abundant
numbers in brilliant dark pink color.

There common name is "Impatient"
a very popular plant here. The name comes from the fact
that they are "Impatient to bloom"
and by the end of the summer
they become a big bunch
with the most
amazing colors.

This here is something else.
It is a perennial ground cover
enjoying the well taken care
in a pot.
The yellow flowers?
Hope you forgive me:
they are not real
they made of silk by humans.
( Please smile and don't
make a serious face:
I am just having fun
to make this pot
more cheerful with
some color.)
Posted with love by: Blue Bird :-)


  1. Lovely piccies, thanks for sharing ... :0)

    Shirl x

  2. Lol loving the silk flowers in the pot it would make a very cheerful winter garden :) Have a great week x x x

  3. Thank you Blogger Friend Ladies! You are good to me to encourage me to continue posting after I took a little time off
    to recover from the shock of the events.
    I will bring some photos with more interesting aspects.
    Thanks again. Love: J/Blue bird

    I am very happy to have you as a new member in the group of followers!
    We have a lot in common as I see your profile.
    I will send you and E-mail
    but it is not my real name, because on the Internet I use other names. I will mark it: NOT A SPAM! Blue bird :)

  5. Thank you for sharing your flowers, I love the roses :)
    I join Crystalrainbows comment; the little silk flowers will bring sunshine in your garden in the winter.


  6. Your flowers are truly beautiful. You know I love the scents of summer, the colors of summer, and basically everything about it...but I cannot deal with heat and by July I will be looking forward to the fall...I'll bet you will have some wonderful fall pictures as well.

  7. Thank you for More comments.
    am really happy about the acceptence of the silk flowers!
    See the next comment, I have to tell ABOUT IT in a different message! Very INTERESTING!
    Bluebird :)

  8. I hardly could believe what I saw: A bumble Bee came to visit the lifeless silk flower! Did not have any smell, but the color was attrective. I could make some research for science investigation: It is the color what is from far calling the attention of the insects. When he flu on the flower was very disappointed because realized that there was no honey!
    Perhaps I could put a drop honey in the middle of the "flower" and than the bee will be happy and perhaps will return!? :O
    Gee one never knows what could happen with a little innocent "cheating" Wow!!