Friday, June 18, 2010

Snorkeling :)

in deep waters

"Did you say: I am beautiful?"

" They call us
Gold fish
but that
is only by the humans"

"and might as well
we are the
Silver fish"

"Can you see the
endless variety
in the deep?
many thanks
Mother Nature
to give us
all these beauties!!!!"


  1. Photo exclusive by Blue bird:)
    Not easy to work with fish!!!
    Try it. :))))

  2. Beautiful photos. There are such a variety of's amazing.

  3. Just to say something about snorkeling: it is a very demanding sport. I have never done it, but have seen in Hawaii: Hanuma Bay a group of people properly dressed with oxigen tanks to go down to see the marvels of the deep waters.
    My photos here are from aquariums, but it is true that these fish are the habitants of the deep Oceans.

  4. Thank you Shirl. Very kind of you to send a comment what gives encouragement.
    Blogging can be really the BEST FRIEND.
    People like you make it so.
    Bless you. Love: julia/bluebird :)