Sunday, January 23, 2011

something different


to my new venture:

Because of the never ending miseries of winter with the same miserable pattern

I came to the conclusion, that this is the time to be creative and make a new blog.

The name:

V a u m a u blog

This was the domain of my Website what only cost a lot of money but never got anywhere.

Had no difficulty to be accepted by blogger. I will remain as

Blue Bird :)

I intent to try to present some subjects what are more unusual and creative hopefully interesting for readers.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


"I am just a little sparrow.
But we are hungry too.
Leave us some small seeds please!"
Doves are the greediest of all:
liable to
clean up everything
what is eatable for birds.

A flock of birds watching in a bush what is going on in the snow?
The cardinal seems to be feeling chilly.

Blue Jay is wondering about
what is the squirrel eating?

" Is there anything for the birds?
Or are you
just eating our food of seeds?"
Blue Jay is asking the squirrel

Bad looking sunrise/sunset.

Friday, January 21, 2011

from today

Flowers in the snow!
We figured it out
in the summer
winter fun
how the silk flowers will look
in the snow! :)
The snow was modest amount
during the night
These evergreen bushes
are the refuge
for the birds
day and night.

I got ready for this snow all the time season
with sunflower seeds, cracked corn and
some very small size
for the very small birds

The feeders were jammed packed
with snow
in the morning
but the young man helper
came soon

It seems to me:
this photo
would make a nice
Xmas card
later in the year with
some red dots in it
for a creative project.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

January diary

If you throw seeds on the ground
birds have serious
Squirrels love all bird foods
and only with
higher up bird feeders
can the birds get there share.
Yeah! If you can get to the feeders!
No way in the big snow!

Looking out on a window it is not very cheerful sight

The moisture inside the room
makes life easier:
the dry heat is bad for you
in many ways!

It is not snow now
but heavy rain
as the temp. went up

One has to decide about
rain, snow and ice
if you have the courage to go out.

Than the rain gets mushy:
on the ground.

You have to be equipped
with waterproof
not slippery
if you must go into
the wild weather


In the next posting I'll bring also birds.
All photos are done by Blue bird :)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

New post is coming

There is a good little post in my experimental blog, but don't know how to link it! I hope tomorrow I'll have time to get it on my main blog: as
Nature talks.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

the day after

It was a total disaster in the morning: ice covering the top of the snow.
Fortunately had help to make the path to the house passable. Salt is the answer and also sand to create friction.
The car can be easily melt: turn on the heat for couple of minutes and with strong circulation all the windows will clear up.
Ready to go if you have something urgent to take care.
But because of this icy condition in the stores many employees were late.
That is understandable and acceptable.
What is the forecast?
More snow for next week.

Friday, January 7, 2011

storm after storm after.....

It was pretty as it could be how it started today

wet snow came from the South with warmer temperature

and that is why the snow can stick to the trees
and give you the sight
of a land in a
But later in the day was quite a variety of snow coming down:
some times like it was rain, some times with big flakes, sometimes stopped and sometimes
was pouring down
but still did not built up
for so much as in the blizzard:
the temp. was around freezing
most part was able to melt.
______________________the photographs are the exclusive art work of Argo our British correspondent_________
But the weatherman had an unpleasant prediction:
more snow
more stormy weather
coming for the
following week:
So we spending the time in January 2011.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

about winter hunger

These are birds living in the water where their natural food is fish.
On a parking lot at McDonald
they are gathering to wait
if the well fed humans would spare
a little leftover when
there is no fish.

Hunger does not know limits for the quality of food.
These birds would eat
anything eatable
to stay alive.

It is a matter of life and death when the cold comes with snow.

But they survive and it is a pleasure to see
their beautiful plumage
what gives them protection
from the cold.

Re joys! The Sun gets up every morning
a little earlier
moving also in a little different
little higher
and so is warmer.
The days are longer
and the most difficult times
will come to an end
with the month of January.


I feed the birds since many years
on my yard or
anywhere like here
where they come to ask for food.
For me it is a great pleasure
to see how they grasp in hunger
and also I enjoy the beauty of their
plumage and the look of the
eyes with full of innocence
and perhaps with gratitude.
there is hunger in the winter:
feed the hungry!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A happy New Year

The end of the year 2010 hit the East Coast of USA with a brutal snow storm and unbearable winds. Normal everyday life was stopped for days.

But suddenly
the New Year 2011 came with a bright smile.
We were hugged with warm mellow air
day and night
and the snow melted rapidly.
On my patio where over a foot snow was piled up
the liquid fluid sank into the ground.

It was also the warm air
what created the heavy fog on the second day of the New Year.
" You don't see far in the fog"
whispered the dry leftover leaves
"You dont' see the future!"
Now hope and pray
that the New Year will be as kind
all the way
as it is at the beginning"