Sunday, January 23, 2011

something different


to my new venture:

Because of the never ending miseries of winter with the same miserable pattern

I came to the conclusion, that this is the time to be creative and make a new blog.

The name:

V a u m a u blog

This was the domain of my Website what only cost a lot of money but never got anywhere.

Had no difficulty to be accepted by blogger. I will remain as

Blue Bird :)

I intent to try to present some subjects what are more unusual and creative hopefully interesting for readers.


  1. Hi Julia,
    Thanks for posting at my blog -- it brought me here to yours! and I have been reading far back and loving all your (and Argo's) photos and your "voice"... I will definitely keep up with you from now on!

  2. Thank you Katie May! It is always fun to find new friends. I'll be looking forward to your postings, love your blog. Julia/Blue bird L)

  3. Congratulations! A new blog is always fun.

  4. thanks Leigh! You too have more blogs! I am missing the fiber artist! Hope some day see some nice things. In the new blog: Vaumau made a posting today with colors, might interest you.
    I think everybody had enough of snow! Love: Julia/bb :)

  5. Thank you for the invitation Steve. j/bb :)