Friday, January 7, 2011

storm after storm after.....

It was pretty as it could be how it started today

wet snow came from the South with warmer temperature

and that is why the snow can stick to the trees
and give you the sight
of a land in a
But later in the day was quite a variety of snow coming down:
some times like it was rain, some times with big flakes, sometimes stopped and sometimes
was pouring down
but still did not built up
for so much as in the blizzard:
the temp. was around freezing
most part was able to melt.
______________________the photographs are the exclusive art work of Argo our British correspondent_________
But the weatherman had an unpleasant prediction:
more snow
more stormy weather
coming for the
following week:
So we spending the time in January 2011.


  1. Thank you Hilde! Argo is a great photographer a friend from years ago at BBC.
    He does not have a blog, but likes my publishings and talks about it in E-mail. :-)
    Julia/bb :))))