Wednesday, January 5, 2011

about winter hunger

These are birds living in the water where their natural food is fish.
On a parking lot at McDonald
they are gathering to wait
if the well fed humans would spare
a little leftover when
there is no fish.

Hunger does not know limits for the quality of food.
These birds would eat
anything eatable
to stay alive.

It is a matter of life and death when the cold comes with snow.

But they survive and it is a pleasure to see
their beautiful plumage
what gives them protection
from the cold.

Re joys! The Sun gets up every morning
a little earlier
moving also in a little different
little higher
and so is warmer.
The days are longer
and the most difficult times
will come to an end
with the month of January.


I feed the birds since many years
on my yard or
anywhere like here
where they come to ask for food.
For me it is a great pleasure
to see how they grasp in hunger
and also I enjoy the beauty of their
plumage and the look of the
eyes with full of innocence
and perhaps with gratitude.
there is hunger in the winter:
feed the hungry!


  1. Happy new year Julia :)

    Your sea gulls seen in Mc donalds carpark is nothing new here in Cornwall. The sea gulls hunt in packs and dont wait for lerfovers the take it right out of your hands.

    It is almost imposible to eat in St Ives (a lovely cornish seaside town) for seagulls pinching your food!!!

    Brightest blessings for 2011 x x x x x

  2. Yes 'tis true . . . even seagulls need love :)

  3. Happy New Year Ladies! Thanks for the response to my hunger cutting blogpost. Glad the hear that these courages birds are living all over and can take care of themselfs by taking food from the humans. Hope that those humans are so friendly, that the birds are not afraid to get close. Love and hugs Julia/Blue bird :)