Saturday, January 8, 2011

the day after

It was a total disaster in the morning: ice covering the top of the snow.
Fortunately had help to make the path to the house passable. Salt is the answer and also sand to create friction.
The car can be easily melt: turn on the heat for couple of minutes and with strong circulation all the windows will clear up.
Ready to go if you have something urgent to take care.
But because of this icy condition in the stores many employees were late.
That is understandable and acceptable.
What is the forecast?
More snow for next week.


  1. Here it is next week! Did you get that forecasted snow?!?!?

  2. We get more than ever before! No end to it!
    I have reading your postings and knowing the Carolinas I know there is worse, because there is not so much equipment to get the snow out of the way. So is this winter misery everywhere.
    Love: Julia/bb :)