Wednesday, January 19, 2011

January diary

If you throw seeds on the ground
birds have serious
Squirrels love all bird foods
and only with
higher up bird feeders
can the birds get there share.
Yeah! If you can get to the feeders!
No way in the big snow!

Looking out on a window it is not very cheerful sight

The moisture inside the room
makes life easier:
the dry heat is bad for you
in many ways!

It is not snow now
but heavy rain
as the temp. went up

One has to decide about
rain, snow and ice
if you have the courage to go out.

Than the rain gets mushy:
on the ground.

You have to be equipped
with waterproof
not slippery
if you must go into
the wild weather


In the next posting I'll bring also birds.
All photos are done by Blue bird :)


  1. Heisann!

    Just like in Norway these days. My husband bought a pair of rivets to fix under the shoes, to me. It is dangerous to walk outside without.
    Have a nice weekend , hugs ;:OD)

  2. Heisann Nina! Nice to hear from you. We have a very severe winter in the Northern part of the globe. Tomorrow again snow coming, may be not that much, but than the arctic blast will take over and that means:Inside the house for days!
    Love/hugs: Julia/bb :)