Sunday, January 2, 2011

A happy New Year

The end of the year 2010 hit the East Coast of USA with a brutal snow storm and unbearable winds. Normal everyday life was stopped for days.

But suddenly
the New Year 2011 came with a bright smile.
We were hugged with warm mellow air
day and night
and the snow melted rapidly.
On my patio where over a foot snow was piled up
the liquid fluid sank into the ground.

It was also the warm air
what created the heavy fog on the second day of the New Year.
" You don't see far in the fog"
whispered the dry leftover leaves
"You dont' see the future!"
Now hope and pray
that the New Year will be as kind
all the way
as it is at the beginning"


  1. Happy new year, Julia :) Hope you are enjoying the milder weather.
    We still have very cold temperatures here, and tomorrow we are expecting more snow...

  2. Thanks for the comment Hilde! The nice warm weather does not last long at this time. Gotten cold again and Friday snow is predicted.
    Big or small one never knows... So is in the winter. Happy New Year!