Monday, December 27, 2010

blizzard to end 2010

Blizzards are similar, but not always.

This was very different

and was very nasty.

Actually this would be the last picture

but you know in this blogger

the end comes first.

This is the next day

when the sun is shining already

and the sky looks blue

like never before.

This tree was lucky, locating in a spot, where the

drift did not get to it.

The great difference was in the wind.

It was extraordinary

what was producing in the night

and still 2 more days to blow

the fury

what she got.

This picture is not in the high mountains

but on the yew bush

in front of the window.

I was watching the "ac cu weather..." days before.

It was something big coming

from the South

up on the East Coast of USA.

That is good, because brings warm air.

But at the same time

a brutal wind got into the show

from the NW ( north west)

That was a very bad news. bad news.

Gusting 40-50-60 mi

is brutal when the snow

is coming down 2-3 inches per hour!

I live 25 mi East of NYC

and got a major blast

during the night.

Fortunately help came to dig me out.

First I could not even open the kitchen door

because a mountain was placed there

during the night.

So the rescue started there

and than dig a path

down to the street and

also clean up my car.

No need to tell:

handsome money for the young man!


  1. Hope you are keeping warm and well fed! :)

  2. Thanks Kadeeae! If your kitchen would be closer I certainly would not have to worry about fine food.
    Wish you a very happy New Year, lot of fun and many happy days! Love/hugs: Julia/Blue bird :)

  3. I heard about the blizzard on the news and was wondering how you were doing! Glad you are ok. the photos are beautiful, thank you for sharing them with us. Hope you can stay warm and cosy and admire the snow indoors!

  4. Thank you All. It's OK, it is amazing how we got over this bad storm.The wind was devastating. Built such "mountains" that the big train engines could not pass. 3 days was no train from my place 25 mi to NYC.
    Thank God the temp. did not sink, but went up and today is enjoyable sunshine and melting the tremndous snow piles. Couple of warm and dry days coming. That is a friendly Hello to the New Year 2011. Happy New Year to all my blogger friends! Love/hug: Julia/bb :)

  5. I think the whole world at the momement is experiencing chaotic and catastrophic weather systems. At least you were safe and survived the blizzard. Stoke up the fire and celebrate the New Year indoors keeping warm. And a happy new year too

  6. Thanks for the comment Andrew! And it is just unbelievable how warm got suddenly with bright sunshine the temp way: up the snow is melting rapidly, nice and calm no wind. It is true: a total chaos: to the better to the worst!
    Nobody knows anything anymore!
    Only the pocketbook knows where the money went.:)))))))))))))The clean up cost, the loss of business for days, lack of transportation:
    sleeping days on the floor in airports.!
    But Happy New Year anyway! Julia/ blue bird:)))))))))))))))))))

  7. Heisann!

    Wonderful pictures, Blue Bird!
    A big new year's hug from me to you:

    Bjørg Nina

  8. I did sent you a long E-mail. Would not fit into the comment space! :-))))