Saturday, December 18, 2010

December activities

Unusually cold weather came this year earlier than expected.
The birds of the sea come to town for food.
The fish moves deeper and the birds can not get them and are hungry.
This one bird is the guard for the group:
he is watching if food is coming from the humans on
the parking lot at McDonald's
and he alerts everybody when the life saving food

Thanks to those who gives.
Giving is wonderful when you see
how the birds are grasping
the fine
nutritious food
and the pain of the hunger
calms down.

The melting snow
makes some patterns
on the asphalt parking lot.

The birds are really having a good time
because I had plenty
of food collected
from the every day left overs.

At the same time also is
Christmas giving time for humans.
Here I show 2 boxes
with goodies in them
One is for my Doctor with
the white bow,
the other is for
the secretary

What is in it?
If I tell you it will be a surprise:
yes cookies of course but
tea party!
Tea with no caffeine in it
made from herbs
AND little bottle
for a teaspoon
to make it much more enjoyable.:))))))

I also got some presents.
A very cheerful
bouquet of flowers
I put there an other gift
from a friend:
the red Cardinal made by
crafty artists.
No, this is not the end of the exciting time
of giving.
More to come with
mishaps as well.
But in these days you should be
ready for a variety of
humans activities.


  1. It's a lot of fun to watch birds like that. Their personalities really show through when it comes to "sharing" food.

    Lovely gifts!

  2. Hello Leigh! Thank you for your comment. If a human knows what hunger is then will understand it hurts the birds too and supporting wildlife properly is our duty.
    Love and hugs: Julia/Blue bird :)

  3. Lovely to have you drop a comment on my blog. I love yours too - we do seem to blog about same things as you say. Happy Solstice tomorrow. Andrew (Wessex Reiver)

  4. Some times I am late with answer, forgive me Andrew! But now we are already in the process of getting longer days! Solstice works thanks for that! Enjoy the winter what is going to end soon. Julia/Blue bird :)