Saturday, December 4, 2010

Healthy breakfast

Most of the ingredients are here but a few are missing like grape jelly , and banana.
Main ingredient is Oatmeal with Unprocessed bran. Flax seed is milled
and for taste I use ginger and cinnamon.
Mix with skim milk
and cook on the stove
for few minutes.
As I serve it on the table
sprinkle a bit of sugar on the top
and eat it with several
teaspoon grape jelly.

This is the tea I drink with fat free milk.

The tea is made with boiling water
pouring over
herbs in various tastes.
Caffeine free of course.

This is a good healthful portion
but not cooked to much:
you can see the banana is in one piece
after cooking.
( This meal is good for high fiber diet.)


  1. I did this breakfast posting to share a fine way to have a nutritious meal to start the day.
    Nobody said nothing.
    It's OK, even though the lurkers were around.
    Thank you for visiting. :) Bb :)

  2. I never thought of putting jelly in our oatmeal. Nor a whole banana. Good ideas!

    P.S I'm waaaaaaay behind in my blog reading. :)

  3. Hi dear Friend Leigh! The amount of work you do forgives any absence from blogging.
    I read blogs like people read books, but these are much more interesting and enjoyable than a novel.
    Try to reorganize your activities: blogs are truly useful, helpful very enjoyable entertaining! with love: Julia/blue bird :)