Saturday, December 25, 2010

for the love of the trees continue

It was a chilly December day when a father with his 10 year old son went out to the fields to find a pine tree to decorate for Christmas as his wife told him what she wanted.
As the father looked around in the pine tree field found a very handsome tree about 10 years old. He said to his son: " See this tree,-- it is as old as you are, but if I cut it will die." The little boy with some education from school about environmental issues quickly said to his father: " I don't want the tree to die. I don't want a Christmas tree. Many kids don't have trees at home".
They turned back going home but when they arrived without the tree the woman, the house boss started to yell: " I bought all the pretty decoration, I want a live tree!" And her husband answered: " It is going to be a dead tree if I cut one",--- but she could not care less, because those trees are there to be cut she said.
So the dead tree arrived into the warm heated house, the woman happily hung those silly objects she spent good money for them.
Just a couple of days later the tree started to drop the leaves and as soon as Christmas was over she said: " What a mess this tree is making here" and she
removed the treasured decorations and tossed the tree into the burning fireplace.
The dried out pine tree ignited with such a force, that the flames shoot out burning the objects around the fireplace. The little tree had the final words:with some effort the Family had to work to put out the fire and the repair of the damage cost a nice amount.
This family had never again a "live" Christmas tree.

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