Wednesday, September 29, 2010

some interesting events in my garden

Nature and man made flowers hard to distinguish in this year curiosities in my garden.
I never did this mixing, but
the difficulties giving by the weather
made me to help with silk flowers.
In a little crack on the driveway
perhaps from a windblown seed
grew a little pine tree baby.
I got it into a pot and
being so grateful
grew a lot in a year!

Miracle in my garden.
I did not plant this flower, which is a petunia
with velvety dark purple color.
I used to water the pot of silk flowers
like they were real.
And one day it became real as this petunia
from a dormant seed emerged
between the silk flowers!
May be 2 years ago there were petunias in this pot
but through brutal cold winter some seeds
remained alive.
For some unknown reason
this year
my old oak trees
brought more acorns than ever before

The size is big
like they were hazelnuts

The amount is just bushel after bushel
cleaning them constantly
a never ending work
this year.
No need to feed squirrels.
Nature provides :)

Monday, September 27, 2010


In these days at the end of September
after a stressful hot and dry
these clouds
are very welcomed
They were lingering around
for days
until finally started to rain..
The heroes of the summer
a Yucca
and an
Ornamental Grass
also appreciate a cool steady rain
after all
they are still living
with water

In a food store I found
my funny friends:
the newly arrived
attraction: the Gourds.
They make me smile because they are just funny
in all kinds of shapes and colors

The more serious stuff:
for feeding the people
beautiful vegetables
are there
for a healthy diet

My favored are:
the Turnips!
I wish could find a recipe
what was for a most delicious meal
made with turnips.
I would love to post it here for you
but at this moment
I can not find it
but promise for later
I'll get it for posting. :-)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Found new LOVE

So is in Nature if you follow the rules:
When you get rejected,
may be even beaten up with nasty treatment:
You get up, dust yourself off
and look for new LOVE
" Who seeks will find"
To understand what I am talking about is:
This year's
very bad treatment
of my beloved garden
unusual weather of heat and
I got depressed as I saw my garden dieing in the heat
and the watering was no help
against the burning hot air.
Than I went in the evenings as the Sun was setting down
in this suburb, where I live.
( I gave up my Sun worship for this Summer.)
I looked and saw what is happening
outside of my territory :(
Mostly was heart breaking landscape:(
but I found plants with no sign
of wilting or any suffering :)))
I found my new Love:
in many places around stores and banks
where professional gardeners planted with
knowledge of counting
on this kind of possibility
the killer heat and drought :-((((((
I saw them before,
but never paid much attention.
My New Love for the
is burning now
with all my curiosity while
searching for the best for my garden.
No problem with a computer.
I already received my first order
from a gardening in Ohio:
for $ 10.00 thousand seeds of the
Hairy Blue Grass.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Flowers of the fall:
most popular is
the Daisy family

Fading colors with quiet "living room" in the garden
under the huge
black oak tree.
Used to be a favored place
for relaxation
but this year was not a place
to be: because of the heat.

Here is a my "regular" mailbox
newly purchased flowers.
My garden virtually was killed
by the heat and drought.
This was my worst summer
in this place.

The same as above
also you can see
the bird feeder
with no birds.
At the end of the summer I reduce the feeding.
The migrating birds
would stay longer
if there is plenty of food.
But when time is to go, they should leave
and keep them with food
is not in favor for them.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

And the rain came....

But it was much more coming with it: good size destruction in many parts of New York City. Was some debate about a tornado and yes a tornado struck in Brooklyn. The wind got up over 100 mi and that is shearing off the roofs, knocking down the trees and cars were just smashed up all over.
Fortunately a storm like this is fast moving, but it is enough time to do a very high volume damage. One person was killed: a woman driving in a car Just why could not get out of the car and take cover?
Where I live 25 mi to the East of the City
the destruction was not as heavy
but here also
were some trees lying across roads,
train were stopped and air fights
When the storm moved away
lost the strenght
and the next day
we saw the shining Sun again.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

September pictures

our British photographer sent this picture
of the rare "Norwegian blue butterfly".
The little blue dots on the edge of the wings is the "Norwegian blue!"
This is a great shot of a Dragonfly
an exclusive from ArgO

The title for this photo from from ArgO:
" Bird eating berries on a Rowan tree."

Very popular Daisies in the fall
photo was taken
by Blue Bird in Long Island N.Y.

This Ornamental Grass is the hero of the season.
Year 2010 produced unusual drought in this region of Long Island and demanded lot of strenght from the plants to survive.
This grass got no water in the summer and lives happily ever after.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Dear Friends in Blog land! Sorry, I was away for a while from blogging.
Last posting I did at the end of August and now we are already in the middle of September.
Big changes came in the Weather.
Gotten really cool and the Sun gets up much later and goes down sooner and so comes the time of Fall.
Summer was very stressful was for me.
My garden suffered a lot and to see vegetation wilting: that is the cry of the plants and makes me very sad.
Yes I can water some, but the entire region including the North East States---- all were hit by the drought and you see the burned landscapes.
I just did not feel like to blog about the difficult time I went through.
We would need a very heavy rain for couple of hours, but still only gets cloudy, but no rain of any sizable amount.
There are places on Earth -- unfortunately-- with devastating floods and other forms of cruel weather,-- but this is Nature and all we can say:
IT'S ALL RIGHT.... better times will come just wait and see. :-)