Monday, September 27, 2010


In these days at the end of September
after a stressful hot and dry
these clouds
are very welcomed
They were lingering around
for days
until finally started to rain..
The heroes of the summer
a Yucca
and an
Ornamental Grass
also appreciate a cool steady rain
after all
they are still living
with water

In a food store I found
my funny friends:
the newly arrived
attraction: the Gourds.
They make me smile because they are just funny
in all kinds of shapes and colors

The more serious stuff:
for feeding the people
beautiful vegetables
are there
for a healthy diet

My favored are:
the Turnips!
I wish could find a recipe
what was for a most delicious meal
made with turnips.
I would love to post it here for you
but at this moment
I can not find it
but promise for later
I'll get it for posting. :-)


  1. Hi Julia :)
    We have had a couple of sunny days after weeks of rain, but the ground is still wet. Today I have done some needed work around my garden, and enjoyed the nice weather.

    I like turnips too. With salt meat we sometimes eat mashed turnip (made with a little bit of butter, cream and salt), very good.

    Enjoy the rain :)

  2. Hello Hilde! Thanks for your comment. Your gardening and the harvest certainly is much more a happy story from what happened here. But there are some unexpected events in my garden: flowers springing up, where I did not plant anything.--
    And the funniest part: I used to water my silkflowers what I just put into a pot for consolation at the loss by heat and drought:but LO and BEHOLD there were dormant seeds in the soil of the pot and beautiful flowers came up! Photos will follow...........
    I will write about this, because many gardeners don't think about what is in the ground if you just leave it alone and don't dig! Slowly but surly something will grow what is not a weed, but beautiful flowers.
    Just wait, keep watering and you'll see :))))