Sunday, September 12, 2010


Dear Friends in Blog land! Sorry, I was away for a while from blogging.
Last posting I did at the end of August and now we are already in the middle of September.
Big changes came in the Weather.
Gotten really cool and the Sun gets up much later and goes down sooner and so comes the time of Fall.
Summer was very stressful was for me.
My garden suffered a lot and to see vegetation wilting: that is the cry of the plants and makes me very sad.
Yes I can water some, but the entire region including the North East States---- all were hit by the drought and you see the burned landscapes.
I just did not feel like to blog about the difficult time I went through.
We would need a very heavy rain for couple of hours, but still only gets cloudy, but no rain of any sizable amount.
There are places on Earth -- unfortunately-- with devastating floods and other forms of cruel weather,-- but this is Nature and all we can say:
IT'S ALL RIGHT.... better times will come just wait and see. :-)


  1. Heisann!

    You can't trust the translater fully, I must always change some words or their orders and some times make a whole new sentence to have the meaning I'm searching for.
    Good your back... I have posted posts everyday, but one day, whenever, I skip a day or two, when I run out of topics or have nothing "on my heart to tell" or I'm in loss of time.
    Now we have wonderful weather. We are sitting in the garden after finished jobs having early dinner ( we have dinner at home at four or five o'clock in Norway). Have a nice week ;:OD)

  2. Heisann! Vilt og Vakkert: Nina!
    Thanks for your reply. With the translation some times everything goes well, but next comes in such mixed words, that makes no sense what you want to say.:-O
    Anyway: E-mail is there for perfect understanding.
    Here gotten very cool, but the rain is just for teasing. I still let the hose run with heavy flow of water, but that does not change the entire landscape.:(
    Found a fantastic gardening business on the Internet to get some plants for this crazy climat. Will send the URL. Love: J/bb :-)

  3. Nina! Here is the URL:
    Look it up! Great fun! I am interested in Ornamental Grasses! J/bb :-)