Wednesday, September 29, 2010

some interesting events in my garden

Nature and man made flowers hard to distinguish in this year curiosities in my garden.
I never did this mixing, but
the difficulties giving by the weather
made me to help with silk flowers.
In a little crack on the driveway
perhaps from a windblown seed
grew a little pine tree baby.
I got it into a pot and
being so grateful
grew a lot in a year!

Miracle in my garden.
I did not plant this flower, which is a petunia
with velvety dark purple color.
I used to water the pot of silk flowers
like they were real.
And one day it became real as this petunia
from a dormant seed emerged
between the silk flowers!
May be 2 years ago there were petunias in this pot
but through brutal cold winter some seeds
remained alive.
For some unknown reason
this year
my old oak trees
brought more acorns than ever before

The size is big
like they were hazelnuts

The amount is just bushel after bushel
cleaning them constantly
a never ending work
this year.
No need to feed squirrels.
Nature provides :)

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