Friday, October 1, 2010

October 1, 2010

Early this morning my neighbor called: " Julia there is a big branch on the top of your car"
The tropical storm "Nicole" was pouring rain all night
and a weak branch partially dead
from the old oak tree
fell over.
But also pulled a wire from my neighbor's house.
Because of the wire
lot of activity was involved not knowing
if the hanging wire
was any danger or not?
It was my neighbor's TV cable.
When the rain stopped
I pulled the car out under the branch
and went shopping
for the week end.
The cable people came late afternoon,
my neighbor removed the branch
and now
we are ready to celebrate
that nothing more serious happened.
My car did not have a scratch.


  1. Oh no! So fortunate there was no damage to your car and that it was only a cable wire.

  2. Hello Leigh little later with my answer: the cable wire was the one which held the heavy branch hitting my car. But still the TV was playing for my neighbor--- thank God for that!
    But they fixed it anyway. Thanks for the comment.