Thursday, October 14, 2010


Once upon a time---- there was a little old lady living in peace and quiet with the company of her cats around enjoying the days of her "old age", rather the maturity of the time she lived.
One day she heard some knocking on the door
and she went to open
with the curious cats around.
"Who are you?"asked the old lady
" I am Death and came to take you with me".
The old lady answered:
" I am not ready, so please come tomorrow"
"OK" said the death and went away.
When tomorrow came at the same time Death was there again.
The Old Lady said:
"I told you to come tomorrow
not today "
Death went away again.
But eventually Death got angry
and yelled at the old Lady:
"I am taking you now there is no more tomorrow"
The Old Lady was just
drinking her tea dripping honey into it
and ran to her bed

grabbed the pillow what fell apart
and she put her head into it
with honey on her lips,
feathers flying all over
covering her face .

She looked so horrible and scary

DEATH ran away.
Naturally the audience curiously asked:
"And she never died?"
Well the story ended when Death ran away
so we know only
That her spirit of loving life
and fighting death
and lives in all those
ladies, who are just like her.
I found this story
when I was looking for something
to fit a
Halloween post in my Blog.
Illustration by Blue Bird@
all rights reserved.

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