Thursday, December 31, 2009

Time to lit the fireplace

Since ancient times of mankind
the fire was a very important discovery.
In Greek mythology is a long
story about how was the fire
Fire can be very nice when gives you warmth in the cold
weather, cook and bake food, using for melting metals
just to mention a few about the benefits.
But can be terribly destructive also when it burns in a wrong place like in a forest.
when houses burn one loose everything.

There is something mesmerizing about it.
Sit near the fire
you can see magic
and dream about something beautiful.

The flames
gives you every moment
something else
to see.
The forms and colors have
endless variety!

The surrounding of a good fireplace
can be
a place to put out stuff
to show your
valuable possessions!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

News from England by Argo

This is Ginger the maquake monkey

living in England now.

He was on the endangered species list

in Alger

and the good English people

took some of them to a safer environment

into an English sanctuary.

And here our British friend Argo

took this photo.

Certainly when is freezing
the water is cold.

These swans are still swimming

because their insulation is so protective

that they can float in icy water.

Photo: Argo exclusive

for Nature Talks blog.

This photo is from the time

when the water was still friendly

just to swim around for fun.

Photo: Argo Exclusive.

The weather getting more serious

when snow comes to England.

This Black bird is lucky to find a feeder.

Photo: Argo exclusive for

NatureTalks blog.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Few days after the storm

The Sun was so bright like in summer time!

On the page of the BLIZZARD
you can see
this pine tree was about to break
under the weight of the snow
and here is just cheerful
and happy to live
with no damage

My old evergreen bush a yew
was heavily covered
but 3-4 days later the snow
just evaporates,
though it was very cold
and no melting!

After every storm the sun will shine again

Dazzling Sun through the window
sends you
the warmth
and you can take a sunbath!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Winter in Hawaii

Hawaii scene in Oahu Island
Flowers blooming at Christmas time.

The Garden of Eden where I lived

Hawaii Angel made of
flowers stalks

Christmas Lei of roses
floating in
the waters of

At the same time of
our Blizzard
there are places
like this
where SNOW
is unknown.
Nice to remember when I spent the winter in this place.
The photos were not made with digital camera at that time.


The snow was just coming down
no guessing
for the end.

The white stuff covered heavily anything
above the ground

At the garage some outdoor furniture
The height of the snow was still growing

From the kitchen window
you can see the mailbox
has a little box for flowers in the summer

An other view from the kitchen window:
the birdfeeder!
This was Nature's Talk
in our area on Long Island N.Y.
on this December day 09.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Sunrise of the Day:
On the Horizon
a stripe of the light appears

getting wider
more colorful

the arrival of
the Sun
getting closer

few more minutes
to see
what we are
waiting for

The source of Life :
our Sun gets
above the Horizon
to shine on Everyone!

In a year we experience twice
the Solstice what is an astronomical event:
in the winter is the greatest happening of the year:
the dark days will slowly, but surely disappear
and the days will
get longer
and with the light of the
life will flourish in Spring time
on our Earth
in the Northern Hemisphere
Glory to the Sun!
Down under below the EQUATOR
the opposit is
The Summer Solstice
is going on.