Sunday, December 20, 2009


Sunrise of the Day:
On the Horizon
a stripe of the light appears

getting wider
more colorful

the arrival of
the Sun
getting closer

few more minutes
to see
what we are
waiting for

The source of Life :
our Sun gets
above the Horizon
to shine on Everyone!

In a year we experience twice
the Solstice what is an astronomical event:
in the winter is the greatest happening of the year:
the dark days will slowly, but surely disappear
and the days will
get longer
and with the light of the
life will flourish in Spring time
on our Earth
in the Northern Hemisphere
Glory to the Sun!
Down under below the EQUATOR
the opposit is
The Summer Solstice
is going on.


  1. New Blog but is linked to the NaturesBeauties!


    will be the main Blog starting with SOLSTICE.

    NatureTalks has a wider range than the Nature's Beauties.

    Sorry about the changes but
    It is usual to UPDATE an Internet activity.

  3. Hi Julia/Blue bird!
    These photos are so beautiful, and I love the last one. Glory to the sun! Now we are moving on to lighter, longer days!

    Hilde :)

  4. Hi Hilde!I think you are the most "loyal" Follower! You are always there with your kind greetings! Thank you so very much.
    I enjoyed reading your blogs with many very useful recepies
    how to take care of ourselves!
    With my best wishes to you enjoying the Holiday what ever you celebrate! Julia-Blue bird