Tuesday, December 29, 2009

News from England by Argo

This is Ginger the maquake monkey

living in England now.

He was on the endangered species list

in Alger

and the good English people

took some of them to a safer environment

into an English sanctuary.

And here our British friend Argo

took this photo.

Certainly when is freezing
the water is cold.

These swans are still swimming

because their insulation is so protective

that they can float in icy water.

Photo: Argo exclusive

for Nature Talks blog.

This photo is from the time

when the water was still friendly

just to swim around for fun.

Photo: Argo Exclusive.

The weather getting more serious

when snow comes to England.

This Black bird is lucky to find a feeder.

Photo: Argo exclusive for

NatureTalks blog.


  1. Beautiful and interesting animal photos.

    Have happy new year, Blue bird! I hope 2010 will be a wonderful year for you :)


  2. Dear Hilde: Thank you very much for your kind comment, hope for something really good to happen next year.
    Sorry, right now I am not so well, but hope the doctor will help. If I can not write for a short time, at least you know. Tomorrow I will know more. Happy New Year to you and Family wish you with lot of Love: Julia/Blue bird :-)

  3. heisann!

    I also saw a black bird in front of my window, but it was to shy to "get in shothold"... can I say so?