Friday, April 23, 2010

around my house

It is only April.
I show here
just a few things to begin with: these are all the perennial plants . They grow with almost no human care.
The Sun
weaks them up
and soon they will bloom with vigor of happiness.
I have no grass!
The garden is taking care itself and the noisy grass cutting in my yard is not bothering humans or animals alike!
The ground covers are there instead and tiny size gravel
for you to walk on comfortably.
This is my working place at a table where I am planting my Pot garden pots. This is a great entertainament, because also will be a MOBILE Garden.
I can move the pots as time goes on
and the shade and sunshine will change.
On the other side of the house have a corner where the Creeping flox takes over with many fine little flowers. This is really for a rock garden.

This part of the garden is totally bear in the winter. But as the warmth of the sun shines from the bear ground millions of


are pupping up.
Soon bringing the delicate little flowers and the intoxicating fragrance.

These azeleas getting the most sunshine surrounded by trees, and bloom the first.
But slowly all the others are bursting
also into bloom.

This is the front of the house
of a little cozy place where I live.
These azaleas are my plantations and the first bloom
in the garden.
I will come back
to continue as the garden
mainly with annuals
the base of the

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Vacation for the hot house

In this jungel was a place to cheer up
in the winter time.

We enjoyed a lot of the beauties here
For the coming summer time

with open windows and ventilators it

will just rest up.

With a Red leaf we say

good bye

to the hot house

and wish a nice

summer vacation.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

about the most spectacular

If you want to see
amazing blooming trees

nicest of all blooms

the pink cherry blossom
will keep you mesmerized

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Some garden history

There is the well
from where the water is bubbling endlessly
to feed the lake
and somewhere finding the way
to the Ocean.
In the Fall when I saw this lake it was truly beautiful

with swans and Canada geese happily cruising around.

Now I see the storm hit tree fallen into the lake.

The fairies will have some work to remove that body.

Wonder about the remnants of this tree?

was some time ago a healthy, happy

member of the garden

I am guessing that there is

termite's work beside the weather.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Look and see

With my Fairy Guide here are some picks I took as we walked around.

The kind Fairy showed me my favored thing: the laces of the budding trees.

The spectacular blooms of Magnolia does not last long.

The magnificent Magnolia: very first to greet the Spring!

Land of Fairies!

As I arrived into the parking area:
a Fairy in the form of a handsome young man greeted me.:-)
I told him
I was here last year
and he welcomed me
to return
where Spring has come!

"I recognize
the Enchanting Garden"
I said
" I took splendid photos
like in Heaven of colors
last Fall."
He was happy and started to show me around
to see what
Nature does in Spring time!

Lost on the way.....

I was going somewhere else.
butI took a wrong turn

and was going back
from where I was coming
from :-)))))
But on the way
I found
What happened?
if you want to find out
just follow me.

Monday, April 12, 2010


As Nature talks to you and me:
The irresistible little yellow flowers
(no not daffodils),
are blooming
by the thousands
in the warmth of
the Spring Sun...
The finest lace created by the budding leaves
like an ever living impressionist picture
what lifts your spirit
into the higher life
in the weakening plants at spring time

It is so fine, so tender.... the lace of the leaves...

This is my bird
as she wanted to be and she lives here since a long time. This is a MOURNING DOVE has no ring around the neck, but she has beautiful red slippers and she is proud of it.
Quite a bird with multiple personalities: can be really timid and shy and can be a vicious monster attacking mostly her own kind.
Nature Talks ( said) that this is very good, because keeps control the Natural way.