Friday, April 23, 2010

around my house

It is only April.
I show here
just a few things to begin with: these are all the perennial plants . They grow with almost no human care.
The Sun
weaks them up
and soon they will bloom with vigor of happiness.
I have no grass!
The garden is taking care itself and the noisy grass cutting in my yard is not bothering humans or animals alike!
The ground covers are there instead and tiny size gravel
for you to walk on comfortably.
This is my working place at a table where I am planting my Pot garden pots. This is a great entertainament, because also will be a MOBILE Garden.
I can move the pots as time goes on
and the shade and sunshine will change.
On the other side of the house have a corner where the Creeping flox takes over with many fine little flowers. This is really for a rock garden.

This part of the garden is totally bear in the winter. But as the warmth of the sun shines from the bear ground millions of


are pupping up.
Soon bringing the delicate little flowers and the intoxicating fragrance.

These azeleas getting the most sunshine surrounded by trees, and bloom the first.
But slowly all the others are bursting
also into bloom.

This is the front of the house
of a little cozy place where I live.
These azaleas are my plantations and the first bloom
in the garden.
I will come back
to continue as the garden
mainly with annuals
the base of the


  1. lovely garden and home :) thanks hope your weekend will be sunny xx

  2. Thank you Crystal! It is sunny, but at the early hours can be very cold, almost freezing!
    Till May 15 one never knows about about a frosty night.
    Wish you also a nice warm week end. Love: J/bb :-)

  3. You have a pretty garden! The azaleas are so beautiful in bloom. I love lily of the valley and creeping phlox, and have them in my garden too.

    Yesterday I sowed the seeds you sent me (and Bjørg Nina). Hope they will sprout and grow well :)

    And I got your emails, thank you. I will reply soon.

    Have a nice weekend :)

  4. Hello Hilde! Thanks for the comment and E-mail too. We had some rain and it was good, we needed it. Everything is getting ready for the big Spring show!
    Hope in your place also getting warmer and the new plantation will be happy and grow!Love: :-)

  5. One week went bye! Sorry had no time to write a post. Will make up for it. J/Blue bird