Thursday, April 22, 2010

Vacation for the hot house

In this jungel was a place to cheer up
in the winter time.

We enjoyed a lot of the beauties here
For the coming summer time

with open windows and ventilators it

will just rest up.

With a Red leaf we say

good bye

to the hot house

and wish a nice

summer vacation.


  1. Beautiful flowers and bright colours! A real taste of summer. It looks very nice :)

    Have a happy weekend :)

  2. Hello Hilde! Thanks for your kind comment. I understand that you are not into E-mailing and I did not write you as much as to Nina. We exchange messages almost at the same time. I wrote if she wants to Forward the stuff to you is OK and that is very easy. If you interested I can send you both at the same time the mail.
    Weather is nice, bit cool, but the week end will be wet. It's OK, we need the rain:

  3. Oh! This is beautiful! I have dreamed of having "hot house" like this, to sit in, relax in, rejuvenate in - grow some lettuce and peas in, even in the winter! ~sigh~ :)

  4. Just found your message Susan! Yes this is a beautiful hothouse, but this was created long time ago by rich people. Now is declared a National monument and the government gives some money to maintain. I come here often because is near my house. J/bb :-)