Monday, April 12, 2010


As Nature talks to you and me:
The irresistible little yellow flowers
(no not daffodils),
are blooming
by the thousands
in the warmth of
the Spring Sun...
The finest lace created by the budding leaves
like an ever living impressionist picture
what lifts your spirit
into the higher life
in the weakening plants at spring time

It is so fine, so tender.... the lace of the leaves...

This is my bird
as she wanted to be and she lives here since a long time. This is a MOURNING DOVE has no ring around the neck, but she has beautiful red slippers and she is proud of it.
Quite a bird with multiple personalities: can be really timid and shy and can be a vicious monster attacking mostly her own kind.
Nature Talks ( said) that this is very good, because keeps control the Natural way.


  1. Lovely spring pictures :) The yellow flowers are very pretty.
    Here the trees still have no leaves, we'll have to wait a month or so I believe.

    Have a nice day :)

  2. Thank you Ladies! It happens that some times we don't feel so well and this is the reason my blogging got"sluggish". :( But ready with loads of photos, I was working, just did not get to posting.
    Thank you for the comments! I am prepering something really GOOD for you and for all who are enjoying as Nature Talks.
    Love: J/Bb :-)