Friday, July 30, 2010


I wish that the humans would understand and LEARN
about that
these insects are not just beautiful
but extremely helpful
in Nature's work.
Painted Lady from England

Domino butterfly from England

Brown Meadow from England

Dragonfly from England

on Long Island N.Y. USA

Buzz :) from England

How helpful they are?
By carrying pollen from one flower to an other
they are the "father" of many
new lives creating even new species in the Pant-world!
Most of the insects published here
are from England
by the kindness of Argo's
exclusive photographs.
Blue bird got only one photo of a bumble bee.
Years ago some unconsidered order was "executed" spraying around chemicals to kill mosquitoes, but they killed more useful creatures for times to come.
We do not have butterflies here
on Long Island since this
anti Nature order was put in effect.
There are small businesses in California
they selling butterflies
mostly for children to learn about Nature.
I'd like to get some to release them HERE.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


I have said a few times that I am not the master of words ( like to speak more with pictures)
But today I am writing a note about
heat and cooling
and what is real and what is imagination.

It is hot by all means on Long Island, N.Y. where I am located now.( over 90 F but not reaching 100!)
To cool off there are many ways and what really works:
hot shower and hot tea.
I did it today and feel fine. Can be repeated.
A/C is on and off,
because simply no need to run it all the time: getting chilly:-))))
This is for those people who are at home do quiet work with not much moving around.
No need to tell: it is the
time for the beaches,
swimming and to be in wet bathing suit really helps.
But stay out of the sun.
I always use heavy umbrellas
and do not care
to burn my skin and look so "beautiful tan". No thanks!
getting very popular now.
Though to keep the habit with lot of plain water apply for all the time.
Finally the imagination and
"man made miseries"
are also very popular to complain about the heat.
Usually all weather forecasts are somewhat off,
more or less
it is not possible to tell exactly how the weather will be.
But for those
who complain all the time anyway
what ever is coming
is welcomed to make it worse than it is.
Of course that is no help at all!
One really can work it up
that the heat is unbearable
but a reminder:
Why not think positive?
Thank God that we have Summer!
Stop complaining
and try to enjoy it.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Heat lovers....

Is there anything or something what loves the heat?In our region the flaming red
Tiger Lily
is blooming in July.
But naturally in a heat
which is comfortable
for everybody.

Too much is too much

and at 100 F even the
Tiger Lily
would close the petals.
These photos from Blue Bird
are from previous years.
The killer heat this year
hurt the Lilies also.

Heat, heat, heat
is the word for this
July 2010.
for August
some moderation.

Friday, July 16, 2010

the word is HEAT

the eagle owl
living in
Northern England
needs a cool spray:
though he does not
seems to be very happy
about it.
This photo was sent by
the photographer
but he said is not
his shot, only
let us know that
there is hot everywhere
this July in 2010.
Thanks for the photo!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Life saving rain

The rain was pouring,
and the lightening danced
and the angry thunder was chasing the drought away!

Just an other pic from the rain.

This is my mailbox specially made
Begonias are blooming
but I was watering them every day.

Under the big trees with the beneficial shades
the survival was easier.

The petunia grew by themselves!
Last year plants
dropped seeds
and came out just
like a recent planting.

It will pass

The result of the drought:
these were the
Tiger Lilies
recently blooming.
Green grasses are all over
just burned out.

And we prayed
for rain since weeks.

And the Wise Old Man said the truth:

"It will pass"

and suddenly the drought got shot:

the rain came and poured and thundered and made us happy:

and we said thank you to Mother Nature.


Monday, July 12, 2010

Hope for rain

We had so much rain,
but now
have a cruel
with sorrowful
destruction as we see
the burned vegetation around us.
Can we expect a storm with rain as the forcast is promising?
The Sun was covered with clouds. Even that is better then the sizzeling, burning, bright
Sun of yesterdays!
Hard to believe:
we pray for rain.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

IT will pass

Once upon a time
there was a very sad young man.
He decided to turn to the
for an advise to be happy again.

said to the Young Man:
"Don't worry
it will pass."

and the Young Man went on his way to
find how to be happy again.
Than he went to the
to say
"Thank you"
"I am happy as ever before"

And the WISE OLD MAN said:
"Don't worry
it will pass".
The moral :
For better or worse
(Story by WISE OLD MAN)
drawings by Blue bird@.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

100 posts celebration

Nature Talks blog celebrating
100 postsSymbolic digital painting by
Blue Bird@
"Let me explain:
This is a "painting" made on my computer.
The title is:
The black represent the past, what is behind as.
At the present we look into the future.
Because we don't know
what is coming:
looking through
the little openings
we see a variety of forms
all different kind
in shapes and colors
symbolically representing
what ever the future might bring."

Saturday, July 3, 2010

4th of July

Fireworks over the river Hudson
in New York City
on Fourth of July
is a must.

Mostly these patterns are known from year to year to be part of the big Celebration.

At the end of the fireworks
is a big red fire
with all kinds of
patterns to
jump into it.

Our Good Fairy
from Nature Talks
also is looking
the spectacular show.

And Mother Earth
is looking down
from above:
"What in the World is happening
with that big noise
down there?"
would she ask
people would hear Her.

Photos and digital drawings
@Blue Bird :)

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Delicious cherriesis there anybody
who does not like
Cherries like these?

What about these?

What is this picture telling you?
"Penny for your thoughts"
I know from some studies
that only
the human mind
is capable to create
and understand
With my cherries model
I created
an abstraction
for fun and
a human thought.
in Nature there are many things what
humans can not do, but other animals do it with ease.
For example:
we can not build a
bird nest with the beauty as some birds do it.
So than where are we?
As we pick the cherries
the birds are building
and we the humans
better be humble
because in Nature
you can see:
we are not better than many
other animals.