Saturday, July 24, 2010


I have said a few times that I am not the master of words ( like to speak more with pictures)
But today I am writing a note about
heat and cooling
and what is real and what is imagination.

It is hot by all means on Long Island, N.Y. where I am located now.( over 90 F but not reaching 100!)
To cool off there are many ways and what really works:
hot shower and hot tea.
I did it today and feel fine. Can be repeated.
A/C is on and off,
because simply no need to run it all the time: getting chilly:-))))
This is for those people who are at home do quiet work with not much moving around.
No need to tell: it is the
time for the beaches,
swimming and to be in wet bathing suit really helps.
But stay out of the sun.
I always use heavy umbrellas
and do not care
to burn my skin and look so "beautiful tan". No thanks!
getting very popular now.
Though to keep the habit with lot of plain water apply for all the time.
Finally the imagination and
"man made miseries"
are also very popular to complain about the heat.
Usually all weather forecasts are somewhat off,
more or less
it is not possible to tell exactly how the weather will be.
But for those
who complain all the time anyway
what ever is coming
is welcomed to make it worse than it is.
Of course that is no help at all!
One really can work it up
that the heat is unbearable
but a reminder:
Why not think positive?
Thank God that we have Summer!
Stop complaining
and try to enjoy it.


  1. Great advice. Today was my day for food shopping and cooking. Because of work and the odd hours I have, I shop and cook for two weeks at a time. I got a good early start today and was finished by 3 pm. The AC was off and on...and I drank plenty of fluid.

  2. Heisann!

    I will take the time tomorrow and read Summertime.
    The night is here and I need to have a good night's sleep! Festival time, too ;:OD)

  3. Hello Mary!! I am happy you like my posting, you really help yourself when you get into giving advise! :-)
    I went out also early to get some food, the weather was not too hot. But the supermarket was icecold and I put on a wintershirt:)) Than when you come out it feels like sauna bath! That is the reason I got the A/C under control not only saves money, but one just adjust to the higher temp.
    and than coming and going is not so "shocking".
    Are you a good cook? I was never interested in cooking, but on the week end I have to make something.
    For 5 days I am on a program:
    "Meals on wheels" I am sure you know it. Great help, but sometimes I have to fix it for my taste.
    Anyway: love to read cookbooks, but never come to make the recepies!:D)))
    Enjoy the summer: it will pass! :))))

  4. Heisann Nina: Vilt and vakkert! Thanks for writing! What kind of a festivities are there at this time of the year?
    I had some hard times in the past days, no time left to look around my friend's blogs!
    Hope for next week will have more time to Blogland!
    I guess in Norway is still nice summer, but England cooled off. I can read the weather in the entire world and other places in the Northern Hemisphere is not hot at all! Once in a while the USA gets extreme temps. last year July was record cold! What do you say? Thank God it is Summer! Hope you are off from work for the Summer?!!! More next week. Love and hugs J/bb:)))

  5. Heisann Blue Bird!
    I have a suggestion: if you get hold of the book MEGELEO ZOO, read it, fabelous reading!
    Our weather site is, cold summer, for sure!
    Have a nice week ;:_OD)

  6. Correction , Mengele Zoo! It is too late in the night for me to key right!

  7. Thank you Nina! I should look for it, first in the local library and if not available I can find at for sure.
    We had a wild storm: perhaps it was a short lasting TORNADO! Wow!
    Lost power for 4 hours, but it was than fixed. Good Electrical Co. in this region of Long Island.
    Hope you have an enjoyable times for the rest of the Summer. Love/hugs: Julia/bb :)