Friday, July 16, 2010

the word is HEAT

the eagle owl
living in
Northern England
needs a cool spray:
though he does not
seems to be very happy
about it.
This photo was sent by
the photographer
but he said is not
his shot, only
let us know that
there is hot everywhere
this July in 2010.
Thanks for the photo!


  1. Hi Julia :) hope all is well with you hun. glad the rain came eventually and gave the Earth and plants a long awaited drink. Sorry ive not been around lately, still not feeling myself as yet. I will be in touch re your kind offer of seeds once im feeling back to full health x x x blessings sweetheart speak soon x x x x

  2. Hello dear Crystal: Thanks for writng, thinking about you a lot, because I also used to have unstable health condition.
    Yesterday I was exploring Cornwall and got many nice, very nice information, pictures. Certainly in climate is the best part of England. Mild, never snow or freezing temp. What a blessed country!
    Just count your blessings: a most beautiful place to live, wonderful husband, many loving friends and an amazing garden! Wish you to build a positive outlook, helps a lot. Love and hugs: Julia/blue bird :-)