Monday, July 12, 2010

Hope for rain

We had so much rain,
but now
have a cruel
with sorrowful
destruction as we see
the burned vegetation around us.
Can we expect a storm with rain as the forcast is promising?
The Sun was covered with clouds. Even that is better then the sizzeling, burning, bright
Sun of yesterdays!
Hard to believe:
we pray for rain.


  1. The trees and the grass are dying. We, too, get the clouds, but not the moisture that is supposed to come with it. They say probably tomorrow, but they have been saying that for awhile now. Gosh, I remember a few short months ago, it never stopped raining.

  2. Hello Mary! Thanks for your attention to the subject what really is getting on my nerves. You live in a city and that is full of stones and not much vegetation. But out here in the suburb (country) it is more sad to see the beautiful green landscape to turn into a dark brownish landscape with trees dropping dried leaves like in the Fall. It is not only the lack of water, but the heat what really burned the trees!
    Honestly: this kind of a destruction I have not seen before.
    But like everything else: will have an end and there will be recovery for those plants they survive.
    Love: J/blue bird :-)

  3. Hi Julia. I got your email, it's too bad when blogger comments are not working properly.

    I hope you will get rain soon so the vegetation survives.
    We had a huge storm last night, with thunder and lightning and the rain was pouring down. We have had warm weather for some time now, so the rain was needed. It is still hot today, but not as high temperatures as where you live.

  4. Hello Hilde! Thanks for the good news about the rain. As I finished my previous answer to Mary's comment the miracle happened:IT STARTED TO RAIN.
    Soon came a good size thunderstorm and the rain was pouring. I disconnected the PC and said thank you to Good and Mother Nature.
    Now will see in a few days
    who will recover? Unfortunately the hot temp. will return, hope not for long though.