Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Life saving rain

The rain was pouring,
and the lightening danced
and the angry thunder was chasing the drought away!

Just an other pic from the rain.

This is my mailbox specially made
Begonias are blooming
but I was watering them every day.

Under the big trees with the beneficial shades
the survival was easier.

The petunia grew by themselves!
Last year plants
dropped seeds
and came out just
like a recent planting.


  1. Heisann!
    Beautiful flowering after the rain in your garden. It must have been tunder all over the world these days.
    We had a lightening each second for half an hour at least!
    Your flower will appear on my blog continually till they all are in bloom!
    Hugs from me ;:OD)

  2. Hello Nina! Thank you for your message! What a relief in the weather! The rain was plenty and today still coming down, but not so much.
    The Earth is heated up tremdosely this year and so is increased electricity for producing lightening.
    I disconnect the PC once I hear a thunder, some time ago I lost a telefon, when was hit with lightening. If your electrical equipments are disconnected it is OK. Have friends they lost a computer recently in a sudden storm! ( over in Europe on vacation)
    Love and kisses: J/Bbird :)

  3. Heisann!

    Have a nice tea-party, and give my greetings to Crystalrainbow, too ;:OD)